Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mystery Person

The contest is officially underway!


  1. Wow, was it that easy?

    You are correct, Horace Greeley.

    You even spelled him right.

  2. Hello, PJM!

    A few posts ago, you referred to an inquiry about the absence of some of your faithful followers. I'm a more recent one, but I thought I'd let you know it's not your choice of pics that silenced this faithful follower for the past few weeks. I've been over-occupied with family events, our daughter's visit home from college, and an increase in my aged father's daily needs.

    In an effort to take better care of myself this morning, I made it a point to sit down for a few minutes and peruse your posts. Your selection of photos continues to inspire enjoyable research and enlightenment. It was also fun to catch up on your familial up-dates, including Handsome Jack and Dustin.

    Just thought you'd like to know that when some of us decide to pamper ourselves we include a visit to your site!

    Have a great Autumn!

  3. Curses! Foiled again! =-) oh well, it's fun anyway seeing all the comments! I love this site.

  4. It seems like weeks since I've had a chance to play.I get online and it's solved. People are onto you PJM. Good job Jim Smith.

  5. Just stopped by to say "hello" and to see who won the contest. Jim you are awesome!

    Yes PJM, I think many of the "old faithful" are just busy busy! I have my four grandchildren from Michigan with me today and we're leaving in a moment for the local Zoo.

    Keep posting your wonderful pictures. I'm enjoying them nearly every day, even if it's just to look and sign out. :-)

  6. Good job Jim Smith!

    However, before I go, I would like to nominate Horace Greeley for having one of the ten worst facial hair styles in history. May the neck beard rest in peace.

  7. Nate: Agreed. It's that uniquely bad facial hair "choice" he made that made Greeley so identifiable. Jim

  8. I just found this blog and I am enjoying the sepia-ness of it all. I have an old exposure meter I wish someone would take a look at:
    Something I picked up at a tag sale, and can't find anything like it anywhere. It was called, "The Perfect Exposure Meter"


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