Monday, September 21, 2009

Fox Hunt

Today's picture was taken in 1921 and shows men on a Fox Hunt. To be honest, I do not really understand Fox Hunting. Are they really hunting a fox, or is it something more like a game where you are running your horse across an obstacle course. I can not imagine that it would take 12 guys with fancy horses to catch a fox.


  1. It's just a game of the rich to play and show off their fancy horse.

  2. In your Do you trust the US government?
    I don't see a place to vote YES.

  3. Same here, there is no place to vote YES. Not that I would vote yes, but you should at least give the YES voters a chance.
    How are your peacocks doing?

  4. The government is not perfect but it is the BEST government in the world. I don't understand when people are comparing the President to a dictator--the man was voted in by the people. If he is not in favor by the majority next time around, we'll vote him out. And then the Democrats will be calling the Republican President a dictator. We need to respect one another again in America. I did not vote for GW Bush, but he was MY President and I respected him. I wish we can all show respect to the Presidency no matter who is sitting in the chair--they won't be there more than four or eight years. Also, it makes us look weak in the eyes of the world when we denegate our President: I believed that when George W. Bush was President and I still do now. Sorry for shouting from my soap box.

  5. What makes this the GREATEST country in the world is the fact that we CAN gripe about our leaders, and have no fear of being thrown in jail or disappearing.

    Yes he is our President and when Bush was in office people griped about him, and every President before him.

    It is our privilege to complain about our government. It is what make us FREE.


  6. When I was young we used to "fox hunt", for us it was taking the dogs out and listen to them run. It was always a good night if the dogs jumped a red fox as they would run most of the night before they "treed".

    The type of hunting shown in the picture is somewhat different as the hunters followed the dogs horseback (obviously).

    In England and some other European countries the dogs were allow to kill the fox at the end of the chase. I believe this practice has been banned now.


  7. I love today's picture.
    In England some law makers want to repeal the ban on fox hunting.
    There are ways around the ban - foxes are still killed.
    This is not only a "game for the rich". All kinds of horse people hunt. Sometimes people cannot take the jumps but still follow on horseback. Sometimes people follow in cars or bikes on peripheral roads. Other people follow the hunt on foot along certain portions.
    In France stag hunting is very popular.
    A lot of hunting is a drag hunt - where a scent is dragged over a course the night before with the hunt following the next morning.
    The "Irish R.M." books by Somerville and Ross have great descriptions of hunting to hounds. (They weren't always after foxes.) The authors were both enthusiastic hunters - and both women. (Somerville became a master of hounds.) The books are available in etext online as they are in the public domain.

  8. I've never seen the point of fox hunting, myself. They catch rabbits and mice, so are a farmer's friend. Yes, they take an occasional chicken, but most chickens can fly up out of the way. They are NOT edible (trust me!) and it is illegal to sell the fur. Why bother?

  9. Setting aside feelings about hunting to hounds, the threat to baby livestock and poultry from predators is real.
    Poultry in a coop cannot escape a fox by jumping up or flying out of the way. It will catch something eventually. Nor can they escape other predators like wildcats, badgers, weasels, polecats, raccoons, feral dogs...
    The problem is that foxes and other predators sometimes don't just grab one and go. In an enclosure, they will jump around chasing panicking animals and cause a lot of injuries. We once had a dozen chickens killed and maimed in one night. After a head count only one chicken was actually missing.
    Some terrier breeds were developed to hunt those predators that come after small farm animals
    Protect the animals the best you can and if some predator gets particularly aggressive, relocate it far away or kill it humanely.

    It used to be riding with hounds was a way to obtain food, then it turned into a way to protect the food source, now it's a way to have a grand day riding. People have been enjoying this for centuries..... yup, people don't change much.

    PS: I get the joke of only having a no answer on the poll, but I'm be curious to see how many would answer yes.

  10. Besides Jackie Kennedy LOVED to fox hunt and she was such an important fashion and style icon.

  11. Oscar Wilde described the hunt as "the unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable"!

  12. +JMJ+

    Beautiful picture. Foxes are a favorite of mine, but there is NO WAY a chicken can get away from one.
    I believe we have the best government in the world BUT do I trust the MAJORITY of the people who make our laws, etc. NO WAY! When they lead the way with their own pay and perk cuts, then I'll believe.

  13. Just stumbled across this site - very nice - especially the mystery photos.

    How do these folks do it?

    Some of the photos are vaguely familiar, but if my life depended on it, I'd be as dead as the subjects!