Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Hunt

Today, we get down to business. No more picture of Girlie-Man hunts with a dozen overdressed rich men on expensive horses chasing a little fox. Nope, today it is a Manly-man hunt. A He-man hunt. The picture was taken in Glasscock county. This little guy looks to be 5 years old. He is shorter than the rifle, and probably does not weigh as much. Notice thta that there is no recoil pad on the rifle, and it is lever action, meaning no gas-recoil reduction. Hence, this rifle probably kicked like thunder. Have you ever seen a bigger smile, or a more proud boy. I would be willing to bet you that wherever this boy ended up, that his family never missed a meal. This photo was sent in by Krista . . . many thanks.


  1. This little guy is adorable and mighty happy. Good for him!

  2. It's cute to imagine, but just because the boy is posing with a dead antelopes means he grew up to be a good shot or a good hunter. Did the contributor know more facts about the boy?
    One of my husband's most treasured childhood photos was of him posing with a deer. When he was 50, he was still thrilled that they let him hold the rifle that day. He did not go on the hunt, he was just there when they brought the deer home. He was a good marksman with pistols, rifles, shotguns; he could shoot a can off anything and put down many an injured animal but he never hunted in his life - he preferred to sleep in on his days off.
    Also, girlie men and women do not gallop and jump horses over several miles on a cold winter day. Some girly types (Oscar Wilde for example) stay home and criticize those who do. Just like girly men and women do not shoot deer and birds on a cold autumn day but stay home and criticize those who hunt. It takes a lot of hard work and athleticism to be a good equestrian. You can object to fox hunting all you like, but it takes skill and nerve to ride like that. Plenty of those people who go fox hunting also like shoot and fish. Because what they do enjoy is the outdoor life. Think about it.

  3. I forwarded this to my Dad, who is a hunter and knows guns pretty well and he said "That is a neat photo! Rifle is a Savage 99, caliber is hard to say because there were lots of choices then."

  4. Looks like a .243 to me.
    Had one just like it.
    I really doubt that the kid shot the animal.

  5. panavia999,
    hmmm, sounds a lot like blogs. Some people have one, and others just criticize what those people say.

  6. It's OK for PJM to criticise horsemen who hunt, but it's not OK for me to comment on his criticism? If there is no real backstory to tell about that kid - which I would really like to hear about - then it's just speculation, and my speculation is different. Like I said: Think about it.

  7. Perhaps the "girly man" part is a joke. It is, after all, a photo of a very small boy with a very big gun. It doesn't depict some symbol of masculinity; it shows a happy, adorable boy.

    Another great picture, too. Thank you.

  8. The girly man reference was to girly men fox hunting.

  9. 3/04/12
    The rifle is a SAVAGE 99EG, 24"bbl. If pic was taken before 1956, it would not be a .243. Prob.a .250 or .300. Maybe .303, 30-30, or 22 Hi-Pwr. Savage cals DON'T need a butt pad.

    When I take pics of hunters, I have them turn the gun side ways so action, stock, barrel is visible. I also write down ALL Info on pics so 50 yrs from now, others will know. Date, time, location, gun name,cal, bullet wgt. Shots fired, no.of hits.

    Swamp 99.


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