Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chicago Board of Trade

If you have not figured it out already, this week we are looking at old pictures of Chicago. I have to admit that my personal experience with Chicago is limited to being stranded numerous times at the airport there on connecting flights. So, I have a bias against Chicago. So, maybe I was flying from Nevada to Florida, and I end up being snowed in in Chicago. Anyway, this picture is from 1903, and shows the Chicago Board of Trade. It looks sort of like a huge warehouse.


  1. What a great and unique picture this is. We have to admire the ease of trades now-a-days!

    This photo may change your bias against Chicago :)

    Parshuram Waterfall [परशुराम धबधबा]

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  3. You can virtually hear the voices trying to outdo each other in there. And the echo of the warehouse.
    PJM, where is everyone this week?
    Did your mystery person contest burn everyone out? As I am not in America, has everybody been on holiday and gone back to work now?

  4. All I know about Chicago is passing through the airport and Colleen Moore's doll house (or Fairy Castle) at the Museum of Science & Industry.

    Very impressive craftsmanship.

  5. If anyone ever finds themselves in Chicago and would actually like to see this room, it's on display in the Art Institute. Yes, the they preserved the room when they moved the Board of Trade. It's just as it appeared back then. Kind of an interesting place to be.


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