Thursday, September 3, 2009

Billy Sunday Tabernacle

This last week we had Billy Sunday as our Mystery person. He was a former baseball player turned big time evangelist. Today, we feature a picture of a crowd in one of his services.


  1. Wow also!

    I found an exterior view of the building on Wikipedia, plus a nice photo portrait. Wikipeda says Seating capacity 18,000. Cost to build $68,000. Not clear if this was his HQ, or a temporary tabernacle.

    My first thought on seeing this interior photo is how in the world did anyone hear what he was saying? The man must have had the lungs of a pipe organ.

    Makes me want to watch "Elmer Gantry" again.

    Lovely photo series this week. The picture of St. Boltophs Church reminded me of Ghent, Belgium.

  2. Another great movie about evangelists is "Miracle Woman" with Barbara Stanwyck and David Manners. Directed by Frank Capra.

  3. Not only how could they hear him, but hopefully they had fans going, it had to have been hot!!

  4. Looks like a train station or bus terminal

  5. I guess tabernacle meetings were the rock concerts of that time. What were the restroom facilities like!? The logistics of crownd control must have been interesting.

  6. This reminds me of the tabernacle at Falls Creek, OK where I went to summer church camp in junior high and high school (in the 80's). Although we had a great speaker system, it was so hot- and shorts were not allowed! There were large fans to help at least provide a warm breeze. So you either got there early for a seat near a fan- or like my friends and I did- join the choir so you can sit in the much cooler choir loft... even if you couldn't hold a tune!