Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mountain Man

This picture was taken in 1886, and shows a well armed man in the woods in Maine. I am not sure what the guy is up to. He has a Bowie knife in one hand, and a pistol in the other. He has another pistol in his belt, and a Winchester in his lap. He has an axe across his leg. At first I thought maybe he was a lumberjack, but I can not imagine a lumberjack would need that much firepower. Perhaps he is a trapper or hunter.

I have to admit I don't know much about Maine. I used to have to travel to Portland, Maine quiet a bit on business, but never got to see much except the company I was visiting (Fairchild Semiconductor). So, I don't know if Maine still has the fierce independence ideals exhibited in this man.


  1. If I recall correctly, this is the same pose my now father-in-law had when he was telling me what time to bring home his daughter on our first date.

  2. Nate, you leave me in stitches. Thanks for the good laugh.

  3. I wonder what that black item is under his right arm that is touching the pistol in his belt.
    I also noticed a bottle jutting from his belt on his left side.

  4. Looks to me like he could be a "moonshiner".

  5. Hmmmmm. Being quasi dyslexic, at first I was going to suggest that the black item was the shadow of the axe handle (but where's the shadow of the rifle?), but then noticed that the item in question looks a lot like a scabbard of some sort, though, possibly too small for the bowie.

    At full size, the first thing I noticed was that his hat looked like a flapper's skullcap or possibly a Bobbie's helmet. There does appear to be a badge or a feather or ribbon of some sort on the band.

    Except for the beard, which, btw appears neatly trimmed and combed, I would venture to guess a member of the constabulary of some sort. Local? Federal? Private security?

  6. alas, the shoes give it away as just a photo set up..
    no more no less. no Mountain Man, no Moonshiner, just a photo set up. me thinks.

  7. Looks like my kind of guy. The more firepower, the better.

    Yes, they are quite ornery and monosyllabic up there in Maine, even today.

  8. Just guessing, but he does look to be in some sort of official capacity... Warden?

    The vest would have been formal for a lumberjack, and he probably seems a little over armed...unless he had to deal with poachers etc...

    PJM; Maine isn't fiercely independent as it used to be, I'm sure you saw that in your visit to Fairchild or National Semiconductor. I drive by them on my way to work..

    There are two Maine's, really. The southern urban half and it's rural northern counterpart. And the Southern half uses its population in the legislature to dictate to the northern half how they can log, hunt etc. But Southern Maine's generates the lions share of the revenue.

    As for "monosyllabic and ornery" we could get in a regional tiff here but you can understand why we broke away from Massachusetts in 1820...

  9. Ross:

    You guys are still a LOT more independent (and smarter as far as I'm concerned) up there in Maine as compared to the corrupt, inbred idiots here in good old RO-DILAND.

    And, the terms "monosyllabic" and "ornery" were meant as compliments, two traits I value highly and try to emulate.

    The way things are going down here with Carcieri (who is clueless) as governor; and David Ciclline as Mayor of Providence (whose father and brother are criminal defense lawyers who work for the mob - his older brother John is currently serving time in federal prison for shaking down is his drug dealer clients - how nice); and the former mayor of Providence (Cianci) just releasted from prison for extortion and now a TV personality; and the stranglehold organized labor has on our "elected" officials who sell their offices for money, it's only a matter of time before this state goes under and we become part of either Conn. or Mass.

    You're better off in Maine. I like it there.

  10. Smart Girl;

    Glad to hear it!

    To give you an idea of how things have changed, a year or two back our legislature was considering a "non-consumptive use" tax in one of its committees.

    The idea was to tax people who visiting and "weren't spending anything" here... (bird watchers, hikers, etc.)

    Fortunately it died a quick death once word of it got out...

    The only thing we have going for us is our legislature isn't the "fulltime/fully compensated" types you would see in Massachusetts, for example.

    Otherwise we'd be doomed.


  11. Ross

    It sounds like some of our guys must have wandered up your way with that stupid tax idea.

    Well, our legislature here isn't "full time" either, but it certainly doesn't make things any better, trust me.

    They are the most corrupt, union-stooge, mobsters i've ever seen.

    Nothing can be as bad as this. Someone is always selling his or her vote for money, and the rest of them are criminal defense lawyers who defend the worst of the worst, enough said.

    Although - we DID have one enterprising former lawn mower repairman (John Celona) who got elected to the state senate and was recently released from prison for accepting bribes from Blue Cross and CVS to vote against a "pharmacy choice" bill and for working as a "consultant for them while he was a senator.

    And . . . DWI/DUI is practically the official state sport here - half of our elected officials drive drunk themselves, and the other half defends them. It's disgusting.

    In the last natinal census, only TWO states lost population - Michigan and Rhode Island. This is the most business-unfriendly state in the country. Gee, do you think organized labor, high taxes, and lousy public education have anything to do with it???

    duh . . . .

    Anyway, we like to visit maine in the fall and winter. We always have a good time. When my sister and I were kids, every summer our parents used to take us to a place called "Pioneer Camp" in Bridgton.

    It was on a lake and we stayed in little log cabins.

    There was some fancy private school near it - Fryeburg Academy, I think.

    Anyway, I have a lot of fond memories of those summers.

  12. PS - today that camp is an upscale housing development - Sactuary Cove at Woods Pond.

    It depresses me to think about that.

  13. I like the warden idea. It could just be a man who wanted to pose with his armory.
    The shoes in the pic are not very rugged looking.

  14. Note the corked bottle and funky hat. Is that a woman's hat? And what's with the shoes? Fierce - yes. Independent - debatable.

  15. I suspect he was filming an episode of 'When Trees Attack.'


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