Thursday, August 13, 2009

Moosehead Lake

This picture shows a man having a smoke on the porch of the Kineo House on Moosehead Lake in Maine. The picture was taken in 1890. I have to say I have become fascinated with the people in Maine after looking at these pictures this week.


  1. Hei, this guy looks a lot like your previous fisherman. Is he the same guy?

  2. If it is, then he has on a different hat. The fisherman has a band with somethinng on the band on his hat This guys ears stick out more and he has on a normal tie. The fisherman has a bow tie on.
    Not saying that he couldn't have more hats and ties.

  3. New England had some grand Hotels back at the turn of the century, Mt Kineo was one of them-

    Most of the hotels are gone as a result of the demise of the railroads. People didn't need an end destination, they could go other places by car. Mt Kineo was actually owned by Maine Central, which was frequently the case, the railroads spawning hotels. An antitrust lawsuit in 38 forced them to give it up and it was razed sometimes thereafter.

    The Poland Spring Hotel (where they bottle Poland Spring water) had a similar fate. (Fire back in the 70's...)

    Only a few are left - the Mount Washington, the Wentworth by the Sea and Balsams in NH, along with the Samoset in Maine still remain.

    It goes without saying the people who stayed there were not your typical Mainer, they were rather well to do

  4. PJM,

    You may or may not know that Theodore Roosevelt spent his formative years as a woodsman in the wilds of Aroostock County when he was young. If you'd like the details, you can learn all about it in Edmund Morris's renowned "The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt."

    It's a bully read!

  5. Hope he enjoyed that smoke!!!!

    I don't smoke, but I think people who want to should be able to. After all, it's your lungs.

    As soon as Obama takes over our healthcare, smoking is going to become outlawed as it will cost the government too much money.

  6. They have funny hats.

    SmartGirl 1953: So true, all you said.

  7. Joe:

    thanks. independence and personal responsibility are being destroyed these days


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