Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Convict Work Camp

This picture was taken in 1910, and shows a Convict Work Camp in Pitt Country, North Carolina. The convicts are housed in wagons, and moved from work site to work site. The guards are posed in front of the wagons. Note the bloodhounds and the weaponry.


  1. Heather:

    I’m glad to hear that everything is OK and that you’ve had a good summer!! Your projects sound very interesting and worthwhile!!!

    I”d love to do some of that stuff eventually , but right now I’ve been focused on the two-household consolidation and my dad.

    Please take the time to comment, though - we miss you!!

  2. I’ll bet the prisoners preferred to have work details that involved life in the work camps to their life in the jail cells.

  3. shudder. Just like the movie "I am a Fugitive from A Chain Gang"

  4. some gangs are still used in colorado, mostly on a local level, city- county jails, but none from any of the many prisons there.
    mostly cleanup jobs along hiways, parks etc.

  5. Nothing wrong with a "chain gang" if the treatment is humane: reasonable hours, decent food, plenty of drinking water & sunscreen

  6. My bet is that the 'crimes' of most convicts were not all that serious.