Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Suffrage Sign

The Suffrage movement went on for a long time. The movement really got going around 1850, and was not successful until 1920, when the 19th amendment was passed. In looking at these old pictures, I think I figured out part of the problem . . . their signs were too small. If you look at political rallies today, the signs are much bigger. Even the home made ones are much bigger than the one this woman has, and the ones today usually are very clever in some way. Anyway, I find the picture interesting. It was made in 1916.

Domestic Update: Progress has been made on the Peacock Palace. The pictures below show that it is just about finished. If the roofing material comes in today, they should be able to just about wrap it up.

This picture shows the structure from the front. It has a normal door in the front. The rectangle on the front is a flap that folds up. Behind the flap is screen wire. So in the summer, the flap will come up, and it should be cool inside. There is a similar flap on the left side, out of view in this shot. With the two flaps open, there should be a nice cross-breeze inside.

This picture shows the back side of the peacock house. You can see a little trap door. I am going to build a little pen in the back, so they can go out, and walk around. The pen will have screen top, bottom, and all sides. The key is have it secure so coons can not get in.

I read that the peacocks need to be penned up for about 6 months to learn that this is there home. After that, they can be let loose to roam during the day, and then at night, they will return to their little home.

Anyway, Mrs. PJM is just delighted with how this is turning out. I will be going to town today to look around at tractors.


  1. Peacock Palace looking good and
    well built. Hope it brings you
    and the family much joy.

  2. Why aren't you building it yourself? How hard can it be?

  3. My friend kept her original two peafowl enclosed for 6 months. She eventually had 60 but the population is down to about 30 now.

  4. Why did I not build it myself?

    Well, it has been over 100 degrees outside just about every day for the last month and a half. If I worked on it in the evening when it was cooler, it would not get built in a timely manner. The babies are outgrowing the cage, and needed it to get done quickly. Second, I wanted it done right, and so I got the professionals to do it.

  5. In America the suffrage movement began in the 1850s and ended roughly in the 1920s, but there are still countries today where women cannot vote. New Zealand was the first nation to grant full voting rights to women in 1893 and while the US granted it in 1920, it wasn't fully granted in England until 1928. In Canada, full voting rights were not extended until 1950! In smaller countries across the globe, women suffrage is in various states of being granted fully or granted with restrictions. Kuwaiti women were just allowed full suffrage in 2005. It's something that we take for granted today, but that many women fought for long and hard.

  6. A peacock palace, I'd say!

    Love your home in the background as well, just beautiful!

  7. Interesting that in the picture I don't see any other women around!

  8. I know you don't know me since I'm anonymous (since I'm too lazy to get an account).

    But that is very nice of you building that building. It looks great, sir.

  9. Well, these turned out to be very lucky peacocks!!!

    Their new home looks beautiful, and you were smart to call professionals.

    Now . . . did you ever call the plubmer???

  10. I don't think any of those guys in the photo would DARE mess with that woman in the hat, no matter how small her sign is.

    She looks like the type of person I would get along well with - similar personalities.

  11. This is a great picture - I love the different expressions on the men's faces.

    Have you posted any pictures of the peacocks yet?

  12. Best of luck in finding and getting your tractor.

    You have certainly "earned" it.


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