Friday, July 3, 2009

General William Tecumseh Sherman

This picture was taken in 1864, and Shows General William Tecumseh Sherman on a horse outside Atlanta. Even to this day there are a lot of hard feelings towards Sherman in the South. He burned Atlanta, and followed it up with his "March to the Sea", where he destroyed pretty much everything along the way. The civilians in his path lost everything, as his army looted and burned. My great-grandfather was serving as a Colonel in the Confederate Army near Atlanta at the time. Seeing what Sherman was going to do, he sent a messenger to his family, and told them to take what they could, and he would meet them in Cass County, Texas after the war. He did catch up with his family after the war, and they got a new start in Texas. That is how my family ended up in Texas.


  1. My great grandparents came from Georgia, Tennessee & Kentucky after the Civil War. They settled in Mills, Collin, & Rains Counties, Texas, probably for the same reason your family did.
    I was watching the "History Channel" last night. It was about the Civil War. It showed yesterdays "Old Picture of the Day".

  2. An interesting story. My mother's family has the distinction of having had family members in both armies. They also lost two members on the union side.
    This is a great series you are posting, thank you.

  3. I see Sherman but where's his tank? ;-) As a young kid who liked his toy tanks, I knew the name "Sherman" from the tank before I knew anything about the general.

    Related trivial fact: Supposedly, it was the British who named the WWII tank after Sherman. Apparently there was a tradition of naming tanks after Civil War generals...haven't been able to find out why, though.

  4. The Brits called the tank the ronson,because it lit and burned so well.

  5. Found this in wiki.

    Flame Tank Sherman - M4A3R3 Zippo.

    The English might well have changed
    Zippo to their most well known lighter, Ronson.

    It seems the English did name the
    tank Sherman, possibly in a gesture
    of thanks for the help America was
    giving England and parts of Europe
    during the war.
    Civil War generals seem the right
    way to go for a name, Sherman?

  6. I think the picture is of the horse. The horse is in focus, Sherman isn't. A photographer wouldn't make that mistake and then let the print get out. There weren't many amateurs at the time.

  7. Great photo. Especially of the horse, what a beautiful animal.


    I love your family's story about the Civil War. Everyone in MY family was either in Italy or Argentina at the time.

    My grandparents emigrated around the 1880s.

  8. That must be the famous thoroughbred Lexington, one of Sherman's favourite horses. Cincinatti, one of Grant's horses was the son of Lexington.

    1. The horse is Duke. Lexington was hidden away at age 15 to avoid being taken into the army. However, a son of Lexinton, Cincinatti, was given to General Grant for service.

  9. Reversing the situation, do we even believe that the Confederate troops would not have looted and burned in the north? What's done is done and IMO people need to get over 150 year old insults. It's old bitterness like that which caused in part the terrible war in Bosnia. They were fighting over who had land rights to a battlefield that was over 500 years old.

  10. Since we were speaking of the fabulous horse, my blog has something called "Horse 'o The Week" which I do for the benefit of two friends. I used to send emails but decided to post instead. In honor of July 4, I featured the "US Cavalry and the Hardy Remount". I was going to continue next week with a famous thoroughbred sire in the remount program, sire of Jenny Camp. I may have to steal this pic from PJM and do something on Lexington too. 8-)
    Usually my focus is on breeds and types, sometimes an individual horse.

  11. Only one criminal yet conducted conducted tactic of the "scorched earth" after retreat of the troops is Stalin on territory of the ex USSR, especially on Ukraine during Second WW. It followed to judge Shermana for his crimes in Atlanta and St. Georgia as a war criminal. But "winners are not judged".
    Ukrainian fun of CW.


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