Friday, July 31, 2009

Doing Laundry

This picture was taken in about 1930, and shows women doing laundry in Tiberius. Again, no men in the picture.
Well, I am finally back online. A thunderstorm knocked my Internet connection out Wednesday night. I tried the old trick of walking down the street and hiding in my neighbors bushes and using his open WiFi connection. I got caught this time, and he sprayed water on me with his garden hose. Hence, there was no picture posted yesterday. Hopefully my connection is all up and working now, and I can get back to posting a picture every morning. Thank you for your patience.


  1. Glad all is well....except for maybe a wet laptop???

  2. PJM:

    Well, we are all certainly glad to hear that the problem was only a thunderstorm. We were all getting worried. How does it feel to have an entire community of “strangers” concerned about your every move?

    I can’t believe that your “neighbor” sprayed you with his garden hose. Why couldn’t he let you use his wireless internet? It’s not as if you were going to wear it out or take it away with you. You’re lucky he didn’t come out with a gun, I’ve heard that a lot of people have them in Texas. Is that true?

    Even with all the gun control up here, we recently had one guy in my city shoot and kill his neighbor because one of the victim’s kids accidentally hit this nut’s car with a tennis ball.

    OK. Re the photo, I think I need that many people to come to my house and help me out with MY laundry. I just read somewhere that doing laundry is addictive - that we become obsessed with trying to keep it all clean, sort of like gambling, when you keep going because you KNOW you’re going to win the next time. And, I also read that it can eventually lead to what happens with postal workers - they flip out because the mail keeps coming, they can NEVER catch up.

    OK - I have to run down and load the washer again. . . . . .

  3. whew! Glad to hear everything is a-okay.

  4. i was concerned because i heard of the large chemical fire somewhere in w texas, as far as t-storms go, i hide under my bed with the dog, i had a very close call yrs ago, and dont push my luck anymore!
    glad yer ok.

  5. BOY, what a grouch. What did he think that you using his link was going to cost him money of break his puter

  6. From old books that I have read, the sons of the house often helped the women folk with laundry by hauling wood and heating water.
    This week we've looked at a woman's chore which was once very hard labor but now machines do the hardest part for us. (Not to mention modern cleansers and fabrics.)
    While all the pictures show only women, that is because laundry may have been hard work but it was something women can handle. Meanwhile, the men were busy on their own daily chores. What kind household chore did men once work hard on that has become easy thanks to modern technology?
    Chopping firewood for example.

  7. When I say chopping firewood, that often meant cutting down the tree first!

  8. Ok - I'm ready for Contest Saturday. Bring it on. Just hope I can get to the computer early.


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