Monday, June 1, 2009


We continue our examination of rural America with this picture of a Rodeo. The picture was taken in Pie Town, New Mexico in 1940. Small town rodeos are still a big deal in rural areas. Many kids have dreams of hitting it big as a bronc rider, or steer wrestler. I think overall things have changes less in the last 100 years in rural areas than in cities.


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  2. That's what I use when pages don't show up properly. I like the features of Firefox. That, and I used to be a WebMaster and was a firm believer in the AnyBrowser movement. And I'm older now and like to grouse.


    I think the best rodeo I ever went to was the Indian rodeo which was part of a Pow-Wow. Our rodeo was billed as the "oldest paid rodeo" and it was pretty good, but, nothing like the sights, sounds, and contests at the Pow-Wow. Loved the "skin-ride". A "traditional" wild horse ride, but the bridle and reins included a buffalo hide drug behind the horse. After the first lap of the arena, the rider's partner hopped on the skin and they completed a second lap.

  3. I've been to all kinds of equine events, but never to a rodeo.

  4. being an eastern girl born-n-bred, i know very little about rodeos and horses and the like... the little i do know i've learned from watching old roy rogers movies with my young son... oh! and i also sewed a little baby outfit this weekend which had old cowboy pictures on it:

    does that count?

  5. I like this blog :-)

    I discovered this page yesterday and I am very glad to find many beautiful photos.

    I take link to your blog and put it in my blog about old photography, where I started my own collection.


  6. I love small time rodeos! Out here in the west we have some great ones! My fondest memory is going to one in little Myrtle Creek, OR. One of these days my own little guys are going to try mutton-busting.

  7. I live in the little Texas hill country town of Bandera , which calls itself the "cowboy capital of the world." On the week-ends the little town is usually full of visitors. There are several venues with live country western bands playing on Saturday nights. We usually have a rodeo going on during the summer week ends. The town is about the same as it was back in the forty's
    The town population is about 900 but the county population is growing like crazy. The surrounding cattle and goat ranches are being chopped up into little pieces and being sold to people from the crowded cities in the US. and a few foreign countries. This makes me sad to see the changes taking place.
    We will probably be fighting for water in a few years