Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Today's picture was taken in about 1935 in Jerusalem. It shows a Yemenite Rabbi listening to an old radio. I like the picture, as it is a mix of the ancient and the new.


  1. Please excuse my ignorance. Is that a Yemenite Rabbi or a Yemeni Rabbi? The former would be a rabbi of a Yemenite sect of Judaism where the latter would be a rabbi from Yemen. I'm not familiar with all the sects of Judaism, but, would be interested to know the differences.

  2. This in regards to yesterdays pic of the mule of donkey. Perhaps that would be a good substitute for your tractor. Families have used them on the farm to plow fields etc. for years??

  3. I suspect either term could be used appropriately. Here's a wikipedia article on Yemenite Judaism


    Just a note: there's likely little difference in appearance between this Rabbi and any modern Rabbi wearing their tallit. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tallit) The beard might be slightly out of date.

  4. Is that really an old radio in 1935? It seems like it's contemporary to the time. Early radios were built more like furniture, meant to last for a long time.


  5. Very interesting photo. Sort of an anachronism.


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