Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mystery Person Contest

The mystery person contest will start at 2:00 PM today, CDT, Texas Time. I have to go to town and take a test, so can not start the contest this morning.


  1. Good idea. I wondered how you can sit at the computer every Saturday answering our guesses. Has anyone else noticed that the women's poll is covered by some ad for progressive?

  2. It's about time you got tested.


  3. While we are waiting for the contest to begin. Have fun looking thru PJM's blog, for PJM's childhood run in with Peacocks. So funny.

  4. What kind of test? I sure hope it's not a peacock keeper licensure test.

  5. Nate,
    It was a teacher certification test. Test was on Technology Applications. I am sure I did OK, but the tests always make me mad. The test is probably 5 years old, and technology changes fast. When they ask a question, you wonder whether to answer as you would today, or answer based on what people were thinking 5 years ago. Also, I HATE the "What is the Best Way to. . ." Questions. To me, those are subjective, and depend on lots of different things. Mrs. PJM says I should not worry about it, but it bothers me that many of the questions are not suitable questions, in my mind.