Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lawrence of Arabia

No week-long look at Bedouins would be complete without a picture of T.E. Lawrence, AKA, Lawrence of Arabia. In the above photo, Lawrence is shown shaking hands with Amir Abdullah. The picture was taken at Abdullah's camp in the desert near Ahman Jordan in 1921. I am disappointed that Lawrence wore his normal clothes, instead of his Arabian outfit. It is a good picture of him, though.

DOMESTIC UPDATE: OK, to all you Nay-Sayers out there I say HA! Mrs. PJM loved the peacocks. It turned out to be a brilliant move on my part to have gotten her this flock of peacocks. When she came home and went out on the screened in porch, all the little babies were hiding under the mother. She looked over and saw the mother peacock, and her response was, "What is That!?!" Then when all the little babies heard her voice, they popped their little heads out from under the Mama's feathers. Four little heads just all appeared at the same time. It was love at first sight. Mrs PJM squealed with excitement, seeing that she had a little basket of baby peacocks.

Yep, I think the only question left is whether I should ask for a red tractor, or a blue tractor next birthday. I can tell you that Mrs. PJM loves babies of all types, and from this experience I can see that she loves baby peacocks most of all. I am all but assured that a little tractor is in my future.


  1. I hoped you'd show a photo of
    T.E.Lawrence. A strange man, great
    courage. The mission he was given
    in the 1st world war, with hindsight, seems almost impossible
    to accomplish.

    Good colour photos in the last few days. Thanks.

  2. Baby birds - baby anythings! - are cute, but wait until those critters start sreaming in the middle of the night! They sound as if your neighbor is doing the "Texas Chain-Saw Massacre" in your front yard.

    Have fun!

  3. Lady Anne is correct except that the sound is more like a chainsaw trying to cut through a metal fence post.

    Enjoy the glow for now but do not start work a shed to keep the tractor in because the mother will soon make her first call so the chicks can learn the correct pitch that will cause you to grit your teeth. Just a matter of time.

  4. Bird calls or not, that has got to be one of THE MOST awesome gifts. Ever. That's even better than the diamond eternity ring I bought myself. Besides, several of my neighbors have roosters, which by the way, crow constantly as long as there is daylight, so a peahen and her chicks would be nothing.

    You can tell Mrs. PJM for me, you should have any color tractor you want.

  5. I used to raise peafowl. You need to leave the hen in a cage for a while before turning loose, or she will leave. They have quite a large area they will roam in.
    You can feed them chicken feed. You need to get some crumbles for the chicks.
    They are very stupid and when sitting on a nest, won't leave if something comes along. Will sit there and get killed.
    They like heights and can fly. Sometimes they will roost on your roof and poop all over it.
    Speaking of poop, if you ever have to hold one, put your arm around it, hold on to its legs, and have its head pointing BACKWARDS and its rear end pointing forwards. Their defense is to poop, a lot of runny smelly poop. I learned this the hard way, had one poop from my chest to my shoes. GROSS!!
    They are excellent watch dogs. If they carry on at night, get up and see why, there is usually something out there.
    If you need any more info, let me know and I'll get back to you.
    (Sorry post is so long)

  6. I love this picture because it shows Lawrence without his robe.

    This is a great photo.

  7. PJM:

    Congratulations on the success with the peacocks!!! And I'm really glad to hear that Dustin is still on track. He has the potential for bright future, and I hope he achieves it.

    We really, really, need wind turbines around here (in the East), but there's very limited space to put them up where they'll be effective.

    They mostly have to go offshore in the ocean.

    There was a big controversy in this area not too long ago, because a company by the name of Cape Cod Wind wanted to install wind turbines of the coast of Hyannisport.

    Well, we all know who lives in Hyannis on the Cape, good old Ted "Chappaquiddick" Kennedy and the rest of that crowd.

    So here he is, this big, liberal, Democrat, always yakking about conservation and alternative energy, but he blocked the turbine field because "interfered with his sailing and his view."

    What's the expression - "Not in MY backyard!"

    But it would be OK to block the ocean view for the REST of us, I'm sure.

    The hypocrisy of the liberal elite never ceases to amaze me.

    One of the big disadvantages of living in New England (and espcially in Rhode Island and Massachusetts) is that if you are not a Kennedy worshipper (and we are NOT), then you might as well be a leper.

    I swear, the people around here would vote for Osama Bin Laden if he had "Kennedy" stuck at the end of his name.

    They're like lemmings.

  8. My father-in-law had some peacocks. Until they started roosting on his Cadillac. You see, peacock poo will eat through a nice Detroit factory paint job, sealant and all. He had put up with their screaming in the middle of the night, and bounding over the fence to lay waste to his garden, but, when they took the Cadillac to the bare metal, he got his shotgun and ground-sluiced every one of them. It was pretty impressive.

  9. I've been meaning to look up TE Lawrence as I really don't know anything about him even though I know about him. Thanks for the reminders to do so.

    Peacocks have an interesting call but I don't find it offensive. It's sort of an "aaa-AH!" sound. Where my parents live - a typical California suburb mind you - a neighbor had a peacock for some reason. It wasn't terribly disturbing until it started walking around the neighborhood and scaring the school children because of its size. Then it hopped into the wrong yard and a German Shepherd handled the rest.

    I was thinking an interesting future series of photos might be female outlaws/criminals, such as Belle Starr and Mattie Silks. Whaddya think?

  10. You blew your nitro way too soon.

  11. Years ago I was driving to a friends house, out in the country, and it was fairly late at night. My car windows were rolled down and I kept hearing what I thought was a woman screaming. When I got to my friend's house she said the farm up the road had peacock amd peahens, and that is what I had heard. She said they were noisy because they didn't have much room to roam which makes them unhappy and more vocal. There must be something to that because our local zoo allows them to walk around wherever they want and I've never heard them make those terrible screaming sounds.