Tuesday, June 23, 2009

King Abdullah

This photograph was taken in April, 1921, and shows King Abdullah in his desert camp near Amman Jordan. It was taken during an important meeting, at which British High Commissioner Herbert Samuel declared Abdullah to be the ruler of Transjordan. Also at the meeting was T.E. Lawrence. I really like this picture, as it looks like it came right out of the Lawrence of Arabia movie.

Well, I have still not tackled the sink problem in the utility room. Mrs. PJM mentioned last night she was getting tired of having to bathe Little Elmo in the kitchen sink, and she wants me to go ahead and call the plumber and get that other sink fixed. I think I still have time, as she does not appear to really be agitated about it.


  1. Yes; but it's probably not wise to:

    1) Wait until she is agitated


    2) Try to do it yourself and mess it up

  2. PJM, I have a better solution. You go find a GE gas turbine that needs a fix anywhere in your area, give me a call, I sign a contract to them, come there, fix their problem and your sink while Mrs. PJM is at work and this will conclude the situation.

    And on my way back I pass through her office and talk to her about my wife that presses me to buy a tractor and a buffalo and I really don't want them. Maybe this way she will come to her senses and everybody will have what they want.

    What about that?

  3. Mbad,
    Sounds like a plan . . . now just to find that gas turbine that needs repair.

  4. Don't take too long mi amigo. If Mrs PJM gets to the point where SHE calls the plumber, you're liable to never get a Christmas, birthday or Father's Day present of any sort, ever again. Voice of experience. Possibly a contributing factor why said young lady is now my ex.

  5. PJM:

    Who's Little Elmo? And why is he dirty?

    Don't wait too long about the sink. Maybe you could try to fix it when she's not home; but if you have another disaster, you're never going to live it down.

    Call the plumber and you have a better chance of getting the tractor.

  6. Little Elmo is one of Mrs. PJM's little Shitzu's. The little guy gets a bath once a week. Other Shitzu is ginger. She is a nice little dog.

  7. PJM:

    I love little dogs like that. They're especially good for living in the city, like we do.

    A friend of ours has one of those fancy "designer dogs" - a cross between a Shitzu and a Maltese. He's really cute.

    I only have a cat, but a very nice one. Low maintenance.

    I would think you would have a bigger dog, since you live in Texas and have some land.

    If I could, I'd love to have a "substantial" dog such as a Lab, Great Dane, German Shepard, or Bernese Mountain Dog.

    But I don't have the room or the time. So it's not fair to the dog.

    Please think things out carefully before tackling the faucet.

  8. Okay. I must vote now, for your own good.