Monday, June 8, 2009

Fire Station

This is another picture of a fire station, using horse-drawn fire engines. The picture was taken in 1918. I am somewhat surprised that horse-drawn units were still being used at this time, as motorized trucks were readily available at this time.


  1. Must have been more cerimonial than functional. Our FD has an old one they have restored but it was not horse drawn. If they had to maintain the horses, that would be a very expensive proposition.

  2. Perhaps municipal budgets delayed the transition to 'horseless'.

  3. Uh, horses were in wide us in cities through the 1930's for purposes well beyond the police/ceremonial uses we see today.

    Horses were cheap, worked well in the rain and snow, and always started when you needed them. Plus the facilities and infrastructure already existed for their use.


  4. My grandfather built most of the roads in the Yellowstone Valley with a team of Percheron pulling a Fresno after losing his homestead in the 1929 crash. My Dad told a story of riding it and seeing the Fresno get caught on a doney (a large buried rock). The Percherons seemed to sag in the harness and the 8X8 beam connecting them to the Fresno snapped.

    He was very impressed.

  5. Anonymous:

    Your observation makes sense. I'm sure the horse-drawn fire engines were more reliable than the early fire trucks.

  6. Nathan, pardon me for asking, but what is a "Fresno"?