Friday, June 26, 2009

Bedouin Man

We wrap up our tour of the Middle East this week with this picture from the late 1800's. It shows a Bedouin in traditional clothing. If you look to the lower right of the photograph, you can see the hilt of his sword. I have enjoyed looking through all these pictures, but we will move on to a new topic next week.

DOMESTIC UPDATE: Project Peacock took another unexpected turn yesterday. Mrs. PJM revealed additional details of her vision for our peacock society. Mrs. PJM sat me down and wanted to talk about a Peacock House for the new flock. I had imagined that we would let them roam the property and roost in the trees, but her thought was that they needed a home of their own. I started describing an idea I had involving large cardboard boxes, and duct tape. She disagreed, expressing concerns about safety, longevity, and the potential of such a setup detracting from the overall ambiance of our home. She also said that leaving them on our screened in porch was not a long term solution, and that I had to go make arrangements for a proper peacock house.

Mrs. PJM insisted on the following specifications:
1) Green Metal Roof that matches roof on our house
2) Concrete foundation/floor
3) Painted to match the colors of our home
4) Fenced in area with mini-peacock door
5) Proper ventilation
6) Perches and Nesting Boxes
7) Little ramp leading to door.
Realizing that I do not want to jeopardize the tractor, I figured I better go make arrangements for something. I went to this place in town that builds custom little storage buildings. I showed them the plans, and they gave me a price. Are you ready for this . . . . $3,157. Add that to the peacock food from yesterday, and we are up to $3,354.
I REPEAT: There is no such thing as FREE PEACOCKS.


  1. Exactly !!!!
    Nothing is FREE.

  2. The price of this Peacock Hilton is probably a third of the cost of the tractor with no implements. You may end up with the worlds most expensive tractor, but you will sure have a great bunch of peacocks to watch, nurture (every day) and an excellent food source. The meat will run about $25 a pound....but very tasty.

    Good times, Paul.

  3. Just think about how nice it will be to wave at your peacocks in their comfy home while riding by on your tractor. Perhaps you need a green tractor to match the roof of the house/peacock house.

  4. Hahahaha... your Peacock Saga is unbelievable.

    And I'm afraid you will soon find the need for a water pipe running to the Peacock Palace. And a new reason to face your nemesis, Mr. PlumberGuy

    I am terribly sorry for you man. Was the guy that gave you the free peacocks a Greek? You know what they say, beware of Greeks bearing gifts. :)

  5. PJM:

    That's great!!!

    Look at it this way - if Mrs. PJM loves the peacocks and you build the house for them, then you're certainly entitled to your tractor.

    Now, call the plumber for the faucet, and it's a shoe-in!!!

    PS - Did you see what i wrote yesterday about my kitty cat - $1,500 in medical bills and a kid covered in gross sores, all from a "free" kitten.

    But it turned out OK in the end, and this will too!

  6. This is a wonderful photograph. The subject appears to have been a very dignified individual.

  7. Smartgirl,
    I am begining to think everyone has both a free pet horror story AND a do-it-yourself plumbing horror story.

    Still have not called the plumber. I have to wait to see the outcome of this weeks poll numbers. Looks like I am going to have a mandate to fix it myself.

  8. PJM:

    Well, if you fix it yourself, be sure you know what you're doing!!

    Good luck!!!

  9. It is just a big damn shame that the peacock house does not require a tractor for its construction.

  10. I'd like to know your wife's reaction to the estimate. Those kind of accommodations are bigtime overkill. Hopefully she will get some common sense about the birds enjoying a more natural life.

    Love the photo - kind of "rembrandtesque".

  11. How can you object to Mrs PJM's requests for the Peacock Palace? You GAVE them to her and she decides how they live, ha ha ha. I laugh in the face of your distress. Just call the plumber, build the Palace and pick out your tractor. ;-)

  12. PJM, Nest time just but the tractor yourself, it's a lot cheaper

  13. There goes the Tractor Fund!!!!!!

    If you listen to this video, beginning at 20 seconds you will hear peacocks calling. They are one mile away. It's 830 in the morning and they do it all day long.

  15. I'm beginning to see how a man with a sound mind and good intentions could go to Washington and spend us into poverty. :-P

    If you need a 'janitor' to clean up that peacock problem, just let me know.


  16. Anon,
    That's true about the noise level. And they're very likely to chase little Elmo around when they jump the fence!

  17. Yet another example of the peacock call.....all day long.