Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bedouin Couple

Today we feature a picture of a Bedouin Couple in the Middle East. The picture was taken in the late 1800's. I really like the picture, but would have liked it more if the man had been wearing one of those big curved swords, plus a big knife. I feel like he is woefully lacking in any weaponry. Perhaps he left his hardware in the tent.

I wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday. I am sad to report that, as we all feared, the tractor did not materialize as a birthday gift. I will say, that the temperature here has been over 100 every day this month. The allure of the tractor and outdoor work has lost some of its shine due to this hot weather. I will start working on getting one next year. I figure a good start is that the faucet in the utility room still needs to be replaced. Mrs. PJM wants to call the plumber, but I am thinking it is a great opportunity for me to show off my handyman skills by doing it myself. I already have the new faucet, so all I have to do is put it on.


  1. +JMJ+

    Happy belated Birthday to you!

    In re the faucet:
    Don't do it!!!!!!

  2. PJM:

    I am very, very sorry to hear that you did not receive your tractor. However . . .I DO think that if you try to replace that faucet yourself (after what just happened), you will NEVER get one.

    So try to take the long view, and call the plumber. You'll be doing yourself a BIG favor.

    And don't feel too badly. My husband's birthday is this Sunday, which also happens to coincide with Father's Day this year.

    He really thinks that he's going to find a big Harley Davidson motorcycle in the driveway.

    No way!!!. He's getting some nice keepsakes from the Ronald Reagan Library instead.

    With respect to the weather, at this point I'd like to trade a few days of 100 degree weather with you. For some reason, summer seems to have missed the East Coast this year.

    We usually start having warm sunny weather here in Rhode Island at the end of May, and by June it starts getting hot. The months of July and August are usually in the 90s.

    But, for some reason, we've had nothing but rain and temperatures in the low 60s for the past month. I feel like I'm living in Seattle. There are mushrooms in my lawn!!!

  3. I love the woman's long braids in this picture.

    Also, notice that the man is holding a cigarette - I wonder if it was hand-rolled?

    Re the lack of a knife and a sword, perhaps he was just a peaceful person and didn't carry one?

  4. I'm sure he's got weaponry, and
    not to far away. I like their tents, with large flaps to let
    the air circulate.

    I suggest calling the plumer.

  5. There should be two (2) shutoff valves under the sink. Shut them both off! (If they aren't there, shut off the main to the house.) Turn on the faucets to make sure there is no pressure at the sink. If the shutoff valves are there, they should connect to the sink via flexible supply lines. Supply lines should have compression fittings, teflon tape is not required and may cause a leak if used.

    If the shutoff valves are not present, you should install some. The proper shutoff valves will have the appropriate connections for supply lines.

    As a former rocket scientist you should know teflon tape was invented for the space program as the pipe joint compound commonly used did not work well in the hard vacuum of space. People came to believe that if it is good enough for the Space Shuttle, it is good enough for everything. That is not necessarily correct. Pipe joint compound still works better on Earth, as the tape can leak if not properly used. There is a different type of pipe joint compound for metal and plastic pipes!!!!

    Don't let the plumber win!!!!


  6. I agree completely with Dan. The Mrs and the ladies above need to be shown that you are in fact a well rounded male that can do household repairs not withstanding the occasional problem job.

    Dan's instructions are very well stated and you will be able to accomplish this job and surprise Mrs PJM this evening. After the glow begins to fade from this triumph, you can install the fish pond and assend to the heights of respect from the Mrs.

    Don't let the plumbers or detractors win.

  7. Wisdom is also a handy character trait.

    So, as long as you're sure it’s your Higher Power that’s directing your inspiration to learn, grow, and conquer the utility sink; it sounds like you’d be a fool not to give it a go. for this week's photos...I think you've inspired a reviewing of Hidalgo tonight, since the Cavaliers are now out of the CWS.

  8. along with no sword,he is also missing the correct shoes,that are pointy,and the toe curls up,lol,

  9. Good week, PJM.

    I agree with Dan and Al.

    However, this is for SmartGirl. While you're right about Seattle normally (I lived there for 11 years) this morning the news said they haven't had rain for nearly a month and it's been hot. Maybe the weather's lost... NW, NE, could be a typo.

  10. Ross_from _MaineJune 18, 2009 at 9:52 PM


    Go for it!

    Don't let the laundry sink win...

    (speaking from personal experience....)

  11. Joe:

    Re the weather, yes, I heard that too about Seattle too!! What's going on this year??

    Now, I'm no fan of extreme heat and humidity, and the first thing I did when I bought my house was to install central air (it is stilla not standard on homes here in new england, only expensive houses).

    And, I like to see at least one or two rainy days a week so that I don't have to water the lawn.

    But . . .this is getting ridiculous. We have had rain and/or clouds and low temperatures almost every day since the middle of May.

    I think the jet stream is mixed up.

  12. PJM:

    Don't listen to these guys. Swallow your pride and call the plumber.

    A plumber is not an enemy to be vanquished - a good plumber can be your best friend. I have a really nice plumber who charges very reasonable rates. And since we live in an old house, sometimes he's more important than my husband.

    There are two trades that I believe "amatuers" should never fool with - plumbing and electricity.

    Incorrect results can end up being disasterous, expense, or even fatal. At least if you used a licensed individual, you have legal recourse if something goes wrong.

    Trust me. I know a million do-it-yourself horror stories, some that had awful consequences.

  13. PJM, prove how manly you REALLY are by admitting defeat and calling the plumber!! The Mrs. will be impressed you 1)listened to her when she repeated it three times and 2)got the job done not using her new bedspread.

  14. It would seem SmartGirl has become too dependent on plumbers and electricians to get things done around the house. Her poor husband has probably been told so often that he can't fix things, that he actually believes it now. He has probably forgotten everything his Dad taught him when no one had money to pay the "professionals".

    I made my kids change the oil in the car and change a tire before I would let them get their license. Everyone learned a little plumbing and can change out plugs and switches.

    PJM, continue with your project!

  15. Anon:

    My husband doesn't WANT to fix anything around the house. He travels all over the Northeast for work and doesn't want to do that stuff when he comes home.

    I have to force him. It's worth it to call a professional. And, then I don't have to call them to fix what he screws up.