Friday, June 19, 2009

Armed Bedouin

This photograph was taken in 1921, and shows a Bedouin from the Beni Hassan tribe. I like this picture because the man is well-armed, as we would hope for. I like the way he has his two bandoliers worn symmetrically across his shoulders. Also, he has a handy knife in his belt. No firearms are in view, but one would expect he would have some nearby.


  1. PJM:

    Don't listen to these guys. Swallow your pride and call the plumber.

    A plumber is not an enemy to be vanquished - a good plumber can be your best friend. I have a really nice plumber who charges very reasonable rates. And since we live in an old house, sometimes he's more important than my husband.

    There are two trades that I believe "amatuers" should never fool with - plumbing and electricity.

    Incorrect results can end up being disasterous, expense, or even fatal. At least if you used a licensed individual, you have legal recourse if something goes wrong.

    Trust me. I know a million do-it-yourself horror stories, some that had awful consequences

  2. If you enlarge the photo, you can see that the man's hair is braided.

    Also, it looks like he'd be hot with all that heavy stuff draped over his robe.

    Despite all the weaponry, his countenance doesn't appear too menacing. He seems (or seemed) like a cheerful guy.

  3. Oh yes my friend, The bedouin of that day looks charming enough, but you should know the facts....
    The nice little knife showing in his belt is just for cleaning under the finger nails, The real one is about 4 foot long hidden under the left side of the robe. Ready to pull instantly with the right hand. Sharp as a razor and he knows how to use it. The long 30.06 type bullets are used just to pick his teeth. What ever you do, do not look him straight in the eyes and do not smile showing your teeth. It would be a sign of challenge and aggression. Yes my friend be careful....very careful!

  4. Expression doesn't mean anything
    This man could be cheerful because he just witnessed a flogging.

  5. he has a slight harrison ford look to him,,

  6. You appear from your experiences that you have related to all of us that you are a man with the basic drive and knowledge to please your family by dealing with projects around the house. If you listen to the ladies above and the comments from yesterday, husbands are to be reduced to men that cannot do anything with any risk or pleasure of accomplishment. It is always possible that the unforseen will happen while working on any project, but these are the risks we are willing to accept and correct when they happen.

    I think that the Mrs would really like for you to get these few projects done without hiring a plumber or electrician. I say carry on with your plans and support husbands everywhere!

  7. Perhaps your next poll questions could be, "Do you think PJM should call the plumber?" and also "Are you male or female?" since there seems to be a correlation.

  8. Sorry Guys:

    Unless you're electrians or plumbers yourselves, hire professionals.

    Don't be cheap or macho. It costs more to repair the damage later and sometimes the consequences can very serious.

    A few months ago, we had a tragic incident here in RI.

    A family who lived in Providence had been reported missing by their relatives since the parents hadn't shown up for work, and the son had been absent from school for a few days.

    When the police went to check their house, they were all found dead inside. At first the police thought it was a homicide, but it turned out to be carbon monoxide poisoning.

    Apparently, the steam boiler in the house had broken. So these people had bought a used boiler somewhere and hired a "friend" to install it. This person was not a licensed plumber, and he didn't know how to vent it.

    They all died in their sleep. And the person they "hired" was an illegal immigrant. Now he's in jail, but what good does that do.

    And, last week, some idiot around here hired a "a guy he knew" to cut down some large trees on his property.

    Apparently, this guy worked for a tree company, but he was doing this on his own time. So he was cutting down a huge tree with only a ladder, instead of a bucket truck. While he was up in the tree, a large branch fell on top of him and crushed both of his legs. He was airlifted to the hospital in critical condition.

    And, guess who is liable for his injuries - the stupid homeowner, because it happened on his property.

    Never, never, let an unlicesned or uninsured person do any work on your property. You are liable if they get hurt and you have no recourse if they burn your house down. And you have no recourse if you burn it down yourself.

    It's not worth it.

  9. Not every man is inept. My brother in law, yes. Needs to hire someone to change light bulbs. If I can do something without damaging my already damaged carcass, I'll do it. Unfortunately, as the number of white hairs expand, I find myself being damaged more and more easily. Hence, I call people who are licensed and know the city/state codes to install wiring or to crawl under the house to fix the plumbing. But, I can replace a wall heater or a sink myself.

    BTW, most of those old damages came about while building houses to pay for school, so, at one time, I was a professional.

    "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy." Red Green.

  10. Mathan:

    You are very smart to know when to call a professional.

    A wise man knows his limits.

    Of course, there are some small things my husband can do, but I'd rather pay for the more technical and/or potentially dangerous stuff.

    And, he travels all the time for work, so he really doesn't even WANT to do that stuff when he's home.

    So it's worth it.

  11. Doesn't show a weapon, but should be advanced enough for the era since it allowed for five bullet clips. These became popular until the 1940's.