Sunday, June 28, 2009


This week we will be looking at pictures from the Civil War. This picture was taken in 1862. The picture shows Abraham Lincoln in a tent with General George McClellan. The picture was taken on the Antietam Battlefield days after the battle.


  1. We just got back from taking the girls to Washington, DC. On the way there, we saw the signs pointing to Antietam, but instead went to Manassas.

    Second Manassas is the only Civil War battle that I know for certain one of my ancestors fought. I wanted to go and stand there and see the land that he fought and bled on.

    The catch was that I didn't know exactly which ancestor it was. My father, born in 1901, told me of sitting on his 'grandfather's lap' when he was around 6 and looking up at his long beard and the eyepatch covering the eye that had been shot out at Second Manassas. My aunt had done a genealogy chart, but none of the dates fit well. So I brought a copy of the chart along, just in case.

    Turns out everyone wants to tour First Manassas battlefield. My family was the only one to turn up for the Second Manassas tour, so we got the gold plated treatment. The NPS ranger was a wealth of information and pleased as punch to answer questions. When he found out that I had an ancestor who fought there, he told me to meet him back at the visitor center and we'd see what he could find out.

    We poured over my genealogy chart and one named popped out. George Walker McCauley, b. 1833 in North Carolina, my great-grandfather.

    He was a Captain. His unit was the last of the Confederate line on the eastern end. Battle records show his unit's movements during the course of the entire day. Sometime during that day, he lost his eye.

    I know nothing about this man. But suddenly this one day in his life leapt out at me.

    The ranger showed me on a map exactly where his unit had fought.

    So I went and I stood upon and saw exactly the land on which my great-grandfather fought and bled. Hope he saw me too.

  2. Yay! Civil War Pictures! I love this one because you usually just see portraits of him, but the pics where he is on the battlefield remind you that he was a busy person in the midst of running a country in crisis.

  3. I love Civil War pictures. It was such an amazing time.

  4. Great Story, Marie! I also notice that at the photo the flag is used as a table-cloth, is that allowed?

  5. I'm rather startled by how young Lincoln looks in this photo. The War obviously took a tremendous toll on his health.

  6. Rob;

    I noticed the same thing.

    I guess rank has its privileges....

    In a quirk of fate, these two gentlemen would end up running against each other for President a couple of years later...

  7. Great photo - and my favorite historical topic, other than the Bolshevik Revolution.

    It's interesting to note stiff and sort of unnatural the subjects appear, but that's probably because they had to remain motionless for a period of time to make the exposure.

  8. This is the picture number one! True art.

  9. I love when you post this picture! This is my great, great, great, great uncle, Gen. McLellan.

    Thank you for posting it once again.