Friday, May 15, 2009

Sad End

Did you notice that as we spent the last couple of weeks exploring Mexican Bandits, we never ran into an old Bandit? Unfortunately, life as a bandit was fast, and many times, over quickly. Above we show a Mexican Firing Squad executing insurrectos. We hope it is not one of the men that we have grown to know and love in the earlier photographs.

I think that if I were going to be executed, and got to choose the form of the execution, I would choose the firing squad, hands down. I would be terrified of hanging, and I am afraid of needles, so that rules out lethal injection. The gas chamber would be no good, as I would be in there trying to hold my breath as long as possible. Nope, it would be an outdoor, up against a rock wall, on a dirt street, firing squad. When they asked for a last request, I would have a cigarette. Understand, I do not smoke, but feel it would be necessary in the interest of theatrics. I would then decline the blindfold, and look the executioners in the eye.

Well, with this picture, we must sadly bring to a close our investigation of Mexican bandits, and the insurrections. Perhaps, one day, we can return to the dusty streets of Old Mexico, but for now, we must move on.


  1. Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPAMay 15, 2009 at 7:04 AM

    I too would prefer firing squad to any other form of execution. As for having a cigarette beforehand, I would politely decline; they're bad for the health.

  2. The last (AFAIK) firing squad in the US was in Utah for Gilmore. Only one of two of the squad had 'real' rounds pre-loaded in their guns.

    Gilmore chose the firing squad over the chair. I would too.


  3. My execution? Throw me into the gladiator pit! If I'm going down I'll take as many people with me as possible.

  4. To quote an old saw:

    I want to go quietly in my sleep, like my Grandfather. Not screaming in terror like his passengers.

  5. I believe a bullet through the heart or a hanging [properly done] would be quick and painless. Or better stated, without lingering discomfort.

    I am with Mathan. Going quietly in my sleep is the best way.

  6. I want to die doing something spectacularly selfless, like saving the lives of hundreds of people, and they won't ever know my identity. They will call me the "Jane Doe" who saved them from an untimely death, and they'll bury me in a pleasant though unmarked grave.

  7. Well, Heather, I hope you don't leave an estate with lots of loose ends after that selfless anonymous death because your family will have to wait until you are declared dead to get your stuff. I'd like a funeral with lots of horses and an fighter jet fly-over. Since I'll never be President, that kind of funeral seems I opt for the quick cremation and no services instead.

  8. When it's my time to go, I want it to be Quick and as painless as possible. No long lingering and painful death for me.

  9. I've decided I'm going to stick around as long as possible and annoy my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great grandchildren, etc.

  10. Who is the fellow in black? He certainly doesn't look as if he's a member of the clergy. Are they shooting them one at a time?

    I agree about a firing squad over other forms of "deliberate" death, and I also want to be cremated, but my funeral recessional will be the 1812 Overture - with real cannons, please.

    Cigarettes? I'd probably choke to death!

  11. Brutal picture. Happy Friday, Adios.

  12. i found your blog by searching for... well, quite honestly i can't even remember what exactly i was searching for! *blush* but i just wanted to say what a very nifty blog this is.. in fact i'll be following you.
    thanks for the fun☺

  13. An interesting last photo to a
    great run of images.
    The man's stance forces the chest
    forward. He holds his head up and
    stares them in the eye.
    It does suggest he's dying for his
    beliefs. I think a brave man.

    Thanks to PJM.

  14. Okay. So! Way to go out with a bang there, PJM.

    Now, see. This is why I fret so hard to keep my nose clean! I think if Gilmore hadn't have been the "last", then perhaps we'd be able to deter some of the obvious subjective evil out there, that is depending on minimal time served and an early release. I could see myself getting in a pickle for some noble insurrection, I suppose. Although, I'd rather stitch the flag and protect the homestead than go looking for it. I could see myself building up hidden rooms or even carrying water up the hillside if I was thrown into the situation...all of which could present the option of being offered a last request; though as to the method? I'd say, spin the wheel and I'll take my chance...I'd definitely not like the Biblical fiery furnace!

    Not much one to think about the way I go, I just don't want a lot of falderal about it having happened. I definitely want the cheapest casket, even if it's flamingo pink; and it better be closed! Or, I'm gonna haunt somebody! I'd rather the money spent on the living creating a happy memory, or a casual party with my one decent photo sitting on the table, parlor games, and reminiscing of all the ridiculous ironies and screw-ups my "Lucy" life has provided as comic relief for those on both sides of the veil... and lots of yummy food!

    PS. So much for my self imposed five line maximum comment. I should get my own blog! Oh, wait...

  15. Bruce:

    I was referring to the people in the photos, NOT the belts.

    And . . . what I meant was that since the PEOPLE in the photos are deceased, why bother nit-picking every little thing the author of this blog writes.

    The purpose of these photos is for enjoyment, nostalgia, and some incidental historical information.

    It's not an in-depth history course or SAT exam.

    Only very insecure individuals constantly feel the need to criticize and correct others.

    If the shoe fits . . . .

  16. Wow, what a disturbing photo, it reminds us of how brutal these people's lives were.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be much different than all of the drug-related violence that's been happening in Mexico today.

    Since my mother just passed away last month, I really don't want to discuss death.

  17. I perfer that they give you the firing sqaud also.

  18. hmmm..nope, like Br'er Rabbit...please don't throw me into the briar patch..."born and bred in a briar patch"!!!!

  19. Reminiscent of The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre.