Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This is a picture from 1916 that shows a very early version of a hydroplane, designed to take off from and land on water. It is a Richardson Tandem Biplane. The picture was taken on the Potomac River.


  1. Great photo!!!

    The plane appears very sturdy and well-built, but I'm not sure all those people should be standing on it while it's floating, though. It looks a little low in the water to me.

  2. PJM:

    So . . . . you're on my husband's side re the Harley, are you???

    Well, that doesn't make me too happy, as this has long been a bone of contention. We live in an urban area, and riding these things around here is dangerous.

    Besides, he's going to be 56, he's probably getting too old to learn how to ride it.

    Maybe I'll get it for him when our daughter finishes college and he retires. How's that?

    On the other hand, you live in a small town in Texas where you have plenty of space and open land.

    I think a tractor is very appropriate in your situation, and I think you should have it.

  3. Smartgirl,
    Just wait till I suprise Mrs. PJM with the new automated gate opener. No more Mrs. PJM having to get out of the car to open and close the big gate. I am sure that will earn me just enough points to get the tractor. Time is growing short though. I have done complete check of financial records, and have not come across anything that would indicate a tractor purchase is in the works, but will continue to monitor the situation.

  4. PJM:

    Wow, I'm jealous about the gate opener.

    I don't even have an automated garage door opener, even though my gargage is NOT attached to the house. (My house was built in 1933 so the garage is sort of behind the house off to the side).

    I think the opener will make it easy to drive the tractor through the gate . . . .

    Maybe there's a secret bank account somehwere that you don't know about . . . .

    Actually, I'm surprised you don't ALREADY have a tractor!

  5. PJM,maybe you should tell the Mrs that the tractor could be a great asset to her desire to have a beautiful landscape all around the house. For that you will need to have a tractor to get good soil (not caleche)and place it strategically over the places she wants grass and in the raised flower beds you will prepare for her out of sheer gratitude. The gate opener was a real stroke of genius and set the stage for this approach. I would agree with SmartGirl, though, that there must be a hidden bucket of money set asside to reward you for your thoughtfulness. Would never happen here but you never know.

    Never give up!

  6. Al,
    Good strategies, but I have tried them to many times already in the past. I mentioned the time that I said if I got an H1 hummer, we would go on a trip to Alaska, and the trip never quiet happaned. Then there was the time when we got married I said that rather than buy furniture, we should get a wood working shop, and I could make the furniture . . . well, one thing led to another and I never got around to making the furniture. My past mistakes are catching up to me. My best shot is the gate opener leading to such a positive response she tells me to run down and get that tractor.

  7. The only reason for the popularity of water planes must be the lack of landing grounds in the early days. The disadvantage of water both for its lack of stability and potentially disastrous friction must make it inferior to land.

    I am sure the wonder of flight and the possibilities it opened up must have been akin to the space age in the modern age.

  8. Perhaps Mrs. PJM is concerned about your acquisition of a tractor for the same reason you stated she is concerned for your acquisition of the bison.

  9. PJM:

    Do you have an H1 HUMMER????

    That's the OTHER thing my husband is pestering me to buy. He's obviously having some sort of later-mid-life crisis.

    Good God, if he finds that one out, I'll never hear the end of it. There's no place to drive that thing around here.

    Last year he got a tattoo and and earring, although I have to admit that I told him to get the earring.

    Now he wants ME to get a tattoo, just a little one. Our daugther is mortified and forbade me to do it, she said she'd disown me.