Friday, May 29, 2009

Gate Opener

I know you all are concerned about whether I am going to get my tractor for my birthday, so I wanted to include this update. I have little time and am trying to get as many points with Mrs. PJM as possible, so I have installed a new gate opener at the front gate. OK, I did not install it, I had the experts come and put it in. No more Mrs. PJM having to get out of the car and open and close the gate. Nope, all she has to do is drive up, and the gate will automatically open itself. The picture above shows the gate in the closed position. Mrs. PJM drives up, and you get the picture below . . . Gate Open! Notice the nifty solar panel on the gate, so we don't have to run an electric line.

Also note that daughter should be equally happy, because now when I get home I don't have to toot the horn to have her run out and open the gate for me. This is a real win-win situation . . . everyone should be happy. Also note to the right I have installed a nifty "Texas Star" on the fence. Mrs. PJM will be reminded every day when she gets home that she is a STAR in my eyes. Yep, I think this should put me over the top on the tractor. Also, notice in the picture below, another matching Texas Star on the other side of the gate. Yep, two stars for Mrs. PJM. She should be very happy when she gets home and is surprised by all the upgrades. Also, notice in the picture below that the flags have already been taken down, so she will get a good nights sleep. If you look closely in the picture below, you can see several piles of debris between house and fence. This is what is left from when I burned the brush piles a few weeks ago. You can not get rid of all the material when you burn, but if I had a tractor, those piles would be gone in no time. Yep, I think I am on the path to getting that tractor birthday present. Stay tuned.


  1. how could she say no now?
    some afully thick butter has been spread,lol.

  2. A thing of beauty is a joy forever!

    I can hear the tractor starting now as your smile gets so big that your ears touch. We can only assume that the Mrs is pretending to ignore your plaintive request so the final surprise will be even bigger. I believe this gate installation will go down in history as the tipping point in you quest.

    Now where did you put those keys........

  3. Dang. I have to get out of the car for my gate. And fumble with a combination lock. At night I have to use the high beams just to see the numbers properly.

  4. You, sir are an idiot. You should have gotten 5 stars. Your wife will think you are rating her a "two star" wife, that is a poor rating. If you could not get 5 stars, you should have just gotten one and put it on the gate, then she would not think of the star rating. Two was the worst number possible for stars. Say goodbye to tractor dream.

  5. That's what I call a gate! Big,
    high and automatic too.
    I really like the solar panel
    idea for energy source. One of
    the best ways to obtain power.
    You should get the tractor for
    that alone. Good luck.

  6. Beautiful home. Oh yeah, pretty gate and opener, too.

    Pray that there not be any strong winds before your birthday. I have an opener like this and when the winds are strong (pretty standard for the Nevada desert) the opener can't close the gate against the wind. Then, you gotta figure out how to close it manually.

    If the gate is open and Mrs. PJM can't get it closed --------- and she hasn't bought your new tractor yet -------

  7. Before the automatic gate, how come your wife had to get out of her car to open it but you get to honk for your daughter to come open for you? Maybe your daughter deserves the tractor...

  8. Hooooo-eeeeeeeee.
    That's soooooome gate!

    I believe you arranged one Lone Star for your wife and the other for the daughter she helped you raise. ;o)

    Gentleman, staaaaart your tractor engine!

  9. Looks like a Bison proof fence to me.

  10. Tina,
    Nice call on the stars . . .gets around the "two star" issue someone raised. Yep, MRS. PJM will like it that daughter is a star in my book also. Nice save.

    It is indeed a bison proof fence, just in case the situation would arise someday that I got bison. Also should help keep halloween pranksters from getting in.

  11. Re: "…daughter should be equally happy, because now when I get home I don't have to toot the horn to have her run out and open the gate for me."

    That is a 'joke', right?

    Certainly you emerged from your vehicle, which was very near the gate, and did not require someone to do the distance from house to gate. ;-)

    Hope you get your tractor.

  12. I thought, yo, wait a second, that picture's not old, what's going on here?


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