Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chicago Flyover

This picture was taken in 1911, and shows an early biplane flying over the city of Chicago. What an amazing site this must have been. I am impressed with how quickly flight technology developed after the Wright Brother's first flight.


  1. If you are fascinated by planes, you should read Bedrg's Lindberg - it has a ton of stuff on the development of aviation.


    PS - I think you meant "sight" instead of "site."

    PPS - And there was no panic caused by the flyover.

  2. The biggest problem with flight, then and now, has been the engine, not the airframe. Second place would probably go to materials science. Hard to fly a rock unless you have hydrazine powered rocket engines.

  3. Really like this photo. Must have been summer as it appears there are windows open in the large handsome building.

  4. SmartGirl,
    I had the H1 for many years before we moved here. It was fun. I sold it before we moved to West Texas, because there was no one here that could work on it. Hated to see it go.

  5. I have flown on several kinds of aircraft, from jetliners to helicopters and many small craft including a 1927 (replica) Great Lakes open cockpit biplane.
    I will never fly in a balloon or ultralight, of my own free will.
    A couple of days ago an ultralight crashed near here, killing the pilot and passenger.

    I agree with PJM,Texas is a great place to live. I left a couple of times, for few years but, I'm back in the Texas hill country for the remainder, until that last "BIG" trip.


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