Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bear Drinking a Beer

What photo tour of Alaska in the early 1900's would be complete without a picture of a bear having a beer. This picture was taken near the Yukon in Alaska.


  1. Now why would someone want to give a bear alcohol to drink? Alcohol makes people more aggressive, or more amorous, or do things they wouldn't normally do. Do they really want the bear to do any of these things? Somebody isn't too bright.

  2. POPE GEORGE RINGOMay 19, 2009 at 10:44 AM

    Maybe the woman in the photo thought after hunting all day in the frigid weather that the poor bear needed a beer.

  3. Even though the bear has a collar, it's still a bear. I've seen folks trying to hand feed twinkies to wild bears in Yellowstone, so feeding a "tame" bear a beer is not surprising.

    An unknown Ranger once said "Trash control in Yellowstone is a very tricky question, because there is considerable overlap between the dumbest tourist and the smartest bear."

  4. heather do we have bears in indiana? and no i wont share MY beer,,ha ha.

  5. Ha! Old Bear, you are the only "bear" I know of in Indiana that's not in a zoo.

    We do have mountain lion, coyote, deer, and other assorted wildlife; enough to keep an avid hunter busy.

    Last year, here in Indiana, people were talking about seeing a large black cat, panther looking in size and movement, but to my knowledge they've never caught it. Some guy got great footage of it which they showed on the news several times; really incredible.