Friday, May 22, 2009

Anchorage Alaska

This is a picture from Anchorage Alaska from back in the Gold Rush era. As we discussed earlier, these store keepers, and sellers of supplies probably made more than most all of the gold prospectors. I like the sign that says "Everything Reduced in Price". So, I guess that sales tactic has been around for a while.

I have to admit that Alaska is one of those places I have always wanted to visit but have never had the chance to go. When I was young I had time to go, but no money. As I got older, I had enough money to go, but never enough time. I would want to really experience the great outdoors there, not just float by in a cruise ship. Hmmm . . . trip to Alaska, maybe I should add that the the old birthday wish list I leave laying around for Mrs. PJM. On the topic of birthday wish list, I am getting this uneasy feeling that neither the tractor nor the buffalo are gaining much traction. Mrs. PJM and daughter just sort of roll their eyes when they see the list.


  1. Why don't you search for a sponsor, take the kids in your class, Mrs and Ms. PJM and have a trip in Alaska while you're not too old?

    Might be fun! And surely great for the kids.

    (I have to admit, I have no idea how much this could cost)

  2. PJM, I do believe the buffalo deal has always been a lost cause. If you had set it up as a buffalo or tractor deal, when the buffalo was summarily rejected, you could have said "well, I guess it will be the tractor then". But without proper staging, that approach was shot.

    Now may be the time for a reverse build up. Start with the concept of a serious lawnmower and as you shop, show all the things it could not do around the ranch and slowly enlarge the mower to a small tractor and finally, using the same approach, expand it to the larger one you really want.

    If this works, please let me know because I am currently negotiating a motorcycle or a 1964 Studebaker Hawk GT. Resistance is very strong but improving slowly. Mrs Al has quit sending out to "think" in the workshop before coming back into the house

    Men of the world unite....if it is OK with the wife.

  3. Mbadragan,
    Interesting idea, but the reason to go to Alaska would be to get AWAY from the kids. Just joking, of course.

    What an interesting strategy. I tried to put it into effect, but have found limited success. I was unable to start at the "Lawn Tractor" point. She started at the "weedeater" point, and not one with a motor, one of those with a blade you have to sling back and forth (affectionately called and "idiot stick"). I am fearful that with this as the starting point, I have a ways to go to even get to the point of getting anything with a motor on it. Resistance appears signifigant, and Mrs. PJM's position could possibly be described as entrenched. Possibly I could start with the idea of a hampster and parlay that into the pair of buffalo.

  4. When all else fails, drop to the floor and begin the most fearsome tantrum you can imagine. If you can keep it up long enough (say a week), there is a good chance the Mrs will go out and get the tractor and two emplements that very day....or divorce you. I didn't say there were no risks in my patented program for deprived husbands, but just look at the potential rewards!

  5. maybe if you include the missus in the alaska trip,things might improve.
    ps-i heard the prices for a trip are great right really should try,ive been 4 times,saw different country everytime.

  6. ....or you could drive to the beginning of the AlCan highway and pick up a rented, fully stocked, RV and travel Alaska at your leisure.
    Having lived there 40+ years ago as a kid, I still count it as the best times of my life, pretty much.
    SO - does tomorrow's mystery photo have to do with Alaska?

    ~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

  7. Al,
    I am 45 minutes into the tantrum strategy, and it is not working. Now, Mrs. PJM says and daughter say the tractor is off the table.

    Throwing an Alaska trip into the mix on getting a tractor is a sticky issue. About 5 years ago I told Mrs. PJM if I got an H1 Hummer, I would borrow my parents little travel trailer, and we would "See Alaska". Well, she did get me the Hummer, but the trip never materialized. When I moved to Texas I sold the Hummer because there was no way to get it serviced here. I am afraid that it might be premature to try the Alaska Trip promise right now.

  8. well like the preacher said in blazing saddles to the new sheriff,
    yer on yer own,,!

  9. Keep going and they will come me!

  10. Al,
    I have abandoned the tantrum, regrouped, and now am leaving New Holland tractor brochures around the house, and moping around with a long look on my face. We will see if it works.

  11. A little quiet sobbing at the dinner table might help.

  12. Just head over to Port Arthur, get on US 287 and say "Gee, I wonder where this goes?" The name changes when it crosses the border, but, it goes from Port Arthur to Dawson Creek. (Wikipedia says that it ends at Choteau, Montana, but, those of us who grew up with 287 as our Main Street were always told otherwise.)

    Bon Voyage!

    Mathan Reannagach le casan gu leth
    Highlander = A Scotsman from the mountains of Wyoming

  13. PJM,

    Negotiation success is to find out the needs and pains of your negotiation partner and maximize their welfare while getting your target (business school).

    Happy tractoring and get creative.

    The popularity of these gold rushes probably reflects the choices for a young man in those days. I wonder how many would rush to the Alaska hinterland today if a guy came back with a bag of gold?

  14. PJM and Al,

    Wish I had that much pull my husband... several years ago he called me to the front door, pointed to a brand new Chevy Silverado 1500 with leather seats, and said "Look what I bought today". I went straight to the bathroom and threw up.

    A little while after that he told me that he was going to get a gun safe and came home with a gun closet that took five men to unload. When I asked him why we needed something so big, he started pulling firearms out from corners of who knows where, enough filled the thing up.

    I think you both deserve great husband-day (I guess that would be your anniversary, wouldn't it?) acknowledgment for including your wives in the decision...

    So, here's an approach: Honey, I'm inviting you to participate in this family decision; thereby, saving the family hundreds and hundreds of dollars in marriage counseling. I submit we invest that savings in [insert desired item here].

    PJM, I will admit that you might have lost some ground on the Hummer/Alaska trip debacle.

    Oh! Here's another one: The lead in the most recent Journey to the Center of the Earth saved all of his change in a sizable collection of large jars... Honey, instead of cluttering up our living space with large jars filled with the quarters I reward myself with for including you in decisions and other right choices I make as an adoring husband, how about we invest that reward in a [insert desired item here].

    Good Luck, boys.

  15. Just do it. It's easier to get forgiveness, than it is permission.

  16. you should feature more photos of hand painted signs . the one above this store is amazing.

  17. I dunno about that, xoxoxoBruce.

    Trust once lost is not easily regained.

  18. Trust is not an issue if you say what you do, and do what you say.
    Only if you say one thing and do another.

  19. If one says nothing and does as they please in a partnership, trust is compromised.