Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This picture was taken in about 1862. It shows an old Steam Locomotive in Alexandria Virginia. I really like the looks of these very old locomotives. They are elegant in design, and could almost be described as ornate. The train was named the J.H. Devereux.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow. I will be presenting Dustin with the news of your wonderful generosity. Full report to you all tomorrow.


  1. The detail is so clear when you enlarge the photo that you can see everything.

    The artwork on the engine is beautiful.

    I especially like the scrollwork under the lantern.

    It's too bad trains dont look like that now.

  2. For beginning train enthusiasts it's a 4-4-0 American.

  3. An American 4-4-0, the numbers being the wheel arrangement, leading-drivers-trailing.

  4. Ornate, because it was hand built by craftsmen that took pride in their work. We traded that for cheaper mass produced goods.
    I guess it was best for everyone, making the country prosperous, but I think we've gone too far by making everything disposable, instead of repairable.

  5. I wish train travel was worth the effort in this country. I recently looked into taking the train from Atlanta to Washington, DC. The arrival time was plus or minus 12 hours! So we are driving. Humph!

  6. Mathan ReannagachApril 1, 2009 at 4:58 PM

    Our family travelled by train quite often in the fifties and it is a fond memory. My wife and I took the train from Toronto to Vancouver in 2006. What a treat! Well maintained rolling stock from the fifties (Canadian Pacific). A real delight.

    So much so that we decided to take Amtrak on a vacation. What a disaster. We popped for a berth for a bit of comfort and decadence. I'm 6 feet tall and could not lie straight in the "bed". Not only that, but, lying on my side with my back against the wall, my knees stuck out past the edge of the "bed". Add to that the fact that airplane seats have more padding and airplane bathrooms are larger than the train's bathroom/shower, and when we arrived in Tucson, we traded in our return tickets for a plane ride. VERY disappointing to say the least.

  7. Mathan,
    AND the people who brought you Amtrak will soon be in charge of health care, car industry, banks, and energy companies. God help us.

  8. Point well taken Anonymous. Im old but I worry for my kids and grandkids in our "changed" society. Maybe the people will wake up from this bad dream and vote the administration out of business.

  9. It looks like the show piece of a very high-end toy train set. Amazing to think one could look this ornate and pristine in production. Out of place in my image of 19th century America..