Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Civil War Soldier

This picture shows a soldier standing in front of his tent. The picture was taken during the Civil War. The soldier is identified as Col. Ernest M.P. Von Vegesack, of the 20th New York Infantry. Exact location the picture was taken is not known.


  1. Mustered in on 15 APR '61 and out on 6 MAY '63. Known as the United Turner Rifles.

    Caption from negative sleeve: [Col. Ernest Matars[?] Peter Von Vegesack, Capt. in the Swedish Army. Col. of 20ht N. Y. m_[?] of U. S. Army June 1, 1863].

    Interesting unit, a mutiny concerning enlistment period, presidential pardons. Good stuff

  2. A well framed shot, and
    a great name. Good photo.


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