Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Roller Skates

This picture was taken in 1905, and shows a man wearing an interesting pair of skates. They actually look pretty fun, and have inline wheels. I guess these did not catch on at the time, but look to be an early precursor of today's inline skates.


  1. WOW!!!

    It just goes to show you that everything that's old is new again!!!

    My daughter wears leggings like that all the time!!!

    It looks like this guy might have been a circus performer!!

  2. All he needs is a hat and we could call him Waldo.... :-)

  3. Wow....quiet day huh? Where is everybody? I came home for lunch and of course had to check to see what PJM had posted.

    Shhhhhhh be very very quiet, everybody out there must be sleeping or something...

  4. heather didja get out fishin yet? was good last sat,caught a cat that weighed,21lbs, they get pretty big here in indiana.

  5. BUSTED! Ok, this one is a repost. I try not to repost, but I really love this picture, and it went well with the theme of Bicycles. I thought I could by with it because it was a long time ago that I had used it. I will be more dilligent to not reuse material

  6. Hi Old Bear. No, I haven't been fishing in years. I love to fish but I won't bait the hook anymore -too gross, and I won't take the fish off the hook - they fin me. (I know, pet the fin down but they still fin me) So nobody wants to fish with me if I won't take care of my own stuff. BUT, I am a very good fisherman. I am good at casting and I can sit and fish all day and not utter a word...(pretty good for a woman!)

    PJM, this may have been a re-post but I've never seen it before and I enjoyed seeing it. :-)

    We know you are just saving up your energy for your pitiful attempt to stump us on Saturday...we're ready for you.

  7. What a hoot!! I love your blog, the history, and all the banter! I'm hooked! I have no idea how your followers are figuring out the mystery people; but I'm going to love watching the fireworks.

    I just told my clever and super wry friend about your blog. She may just give your loyal followers a run for their money.

    I've spent a most enjoyable evening reading your posts and comments...

    I now feel privileged to have seen the genuine Tut exhibit in DC in the 7O's. Growing up in the mountains of VA, my Dad took us to the Smithsonian every summer for a few days.

    Ben Hur is my all time favorite movie, too. sister and received matching pink bikes on Christmas morning...with banana seats and handle bar tassels.

    And... next week I'm headed to your neck of the woods with a native so she can show me her stomping grounds. Can't wait to tell her about your blog, too! Thanks for the fun!!

  8. PJM:

    You're getting to be a very popular guy!!!!

    I think you're going to have to host some kind of annual convention with your followers!!

  9. Tina,
    Thanks for the kind words, and welcome to the blog. I will try hard to keep it interesting, and not make to many people mad, except every once in a while.

    A convention, now there is an idea.


  10. PJM:

    I LIKE it when you make people mad, i enjoy the debate!!!

    I'm glad you liked my idea of a convention, we could have a certain historical theme every year and tie in the actitivies!!!

  11. I'm in. This year we could all be Hobos and jump freight trains and travel across the country. We would need one person to be Dorothea Lange to take pictures.

  12. I'm a lousy photographer, I want to be someone like Scarlett O'Hara!!!!

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