Friday, March 6, 2009

Migrant Farm Worker

This picture was taken in 1938 near Childress, Texas. The woman is a migrant farm worker. One wonders if she is thin because she is a trim person, or if she is actually not getting enough to eat.


  1. It's probably both - she works hard and doesn't get enough to eat.

    That would probably be good for a lot of us today!!

    I just got your message!!!

    The stars must be in some sort of alignment, or maybe we're related.

    I didn't have have time to check this blog yesterday, my mother is in the hospital, so I'll check your blog later.

  2. Wow, I see a theme in your last five posts.
    God help us in the days to come.

  3. I forgot - I love this photo. If you enlarge it, you can really see the strain and wear on the subject's face, it's so expressive.

    And you can see the rips in her clothing.

    It should make us realize that as bad as the current economic crisis is, it's not as bad as the depression.

  4. Okay SmartGirl, this is getting scary, your mom is in the hospital right now and so is my dad! That's just weird!

    This photo says so much. Her expression.... so much encompassed in her face and body language.

  5. Heather:

    Yes, this is really getting weird.

    Maybe it's like that Twilight Zone episode, where everyone had a double in an alternate universe.

    I'll send you my email later.

    Hope your dad is OK. My mom is very very sick, she's 90. My dad is 93, but he's in good health (so far). I take care of them.

  6. POPE GEORGE RINGOMarch 6, 2009 at 9:20 AM

    Today's generation of AMericans, most of them born after 1965, do not have the drive or stamina to withstand a Depression. Previous generations were more patriotic and hard boiled in character--they could take anything. I came to this conclusion the day after the 9/11 attacks. I did not see a flux of young Americans lining up at recruiting offices to join the military. Our country was under direct attack--and very very few of them reached out to sacrifice anything. Our commander in chief himself did not ask anyone to join up or to do his/her part, simply because he feared that it would be politically unpopular. The sad part is, he was right. I appreciate and admire each and every young man/woman who is presently serving in the military. These are kids of character and honor. THey can teach not only their peers but a lot of us adults as to what being a real American is all about. I pray every day that we avert a economic calamity. God Bless.

  7. Kent Says,

    Anonymous says "not yet" - yesterday the current stats are in 12.4 % of Americans are behind in their mortgages or facing foreclosure!

    Pope George Ringo,-

    I might also point that, IF, the whole war on terrorism was as important as we were led to believe, how come the Bush and Cheney daughters weren't on the front lines serving?

    Since Vietnam and time immemorial, it has become old that the middle and poor class fight wars for old men's profit and pride when they themselves are unwilling to sacrifice.

    You lead by example, not by dodging your National Guard duty with a six month furlough of political campaigning or by being excused time after time with a back problem - you can still be a clerk, typing.

  8. Kent . . . unless you have more military service than Bush, you probably should remain quiet. Those who complain the most are usually those who NEVER served in the military.

  9. Cette femme a l'air tres fatiguée, et epuisée par son passé!!!
    tres jolie photo!!

    Sorry I'm fench...

  10. Kent Says,

    I served my country and "more" is relative. And if I recall there is something about a 1st Ammendment or doesn't the Bill of Rights matter?

    Besides, I wish to offend no one. I am only making conversation in the spirit of this blog and our 1st Ammendment.

  11. It actually goes back through time out of mind that wars are fought by the poor and middle class but the credit for winning is given to the leaders. Consider that during the Civil War, a man could "buy out" of serving for a mere $300, i.e. he paid a $300 fee to the armed services and then someone else signed up and fought in his place. This was a Federal practice, I don't know if the CS allowed this due to manpower shortages. The Crusades might have been led by kings, famous knights and popes, but it was manned by the poor, starving and mercenary.

    However, there was definitely a surge in military enlistments post-9/11, and now that we are 8 years down the road and mired in a never ending war, recruitment is down. That's why you see so many commercials for the Army on TV and why so many tours are extended indefinitely.

    Finally, I don't want to find out, but I believe that should it come to a situation like the Depression, people would be able to buckle down and just get through it, like we did 80 years ago. Remember the depression came right after the excesses of the Roaring 20s and a time of great wealth in America. We managed then and we would manage now - somehow.

  12. She looks tanned and healthy to me. Her hands look so strong and rough, like anyone's who've happily raised a family. The little food she ate was at least probably pesticide free and nutrient rich. Her dress looks like the flour sack cotton my mom saved to make embroidered tea towels with. Is it two piece or sewn in an unusual style? I like this picture because it flies against the glamorous, career, imodestly dressed, feminist, long nailed, kid-despising, sassy talking woman (bratz dolls) that todays girls often idolize.

  13. This woman is badly
    undernourished and painfully
    I'd say she's in her late
    forties and without doubt
    seen a hard life.

  14. looks to me like she lost her gas mask,,now whered that thing go?

  15. If you look close you can see the smallpox vaccination on her left arm. How many of you reading this remember or even know about smallpox scars?

  16. I have a smallpox scar too on my left arm. It's like a badge for our generation.

  17. I have it too!!