Monday, March 9, 2009


This picture was taken in 1938, and shows a Hobo during the Great Depression. The man walked from place to place in search of work.


  1. No coment!!!! Belle prise de vue.

  2. Everyone had such class, even at their lowest back then. Notice the raggedy overcoat he's wearing, but he still has that nice hat of his

  3. I was just thinking people dont use the term "hobo" anymore. My kids wouldnt know what that was if I said it. Homeless, yes, but not Hobo...


  4. Photos of tramps and hobos
    often remind me of the works
    of Jack London and George
    Orwell, and their lives on
    the road. Both great story
    Great photo. A dignified
    old gent, in hard times.

    Enjoyed your humorous
    comment yesterday, Nate,
    very funny.

  5. theyr still out there,was there myself till a few years ago,ridin my thumb,lookin for work,better than being homeless,an just livin on the street,lookin for work kept me goin,till i got my nerve back,,to get back to a life again,thanx to all the people who helped,,(gave me a job) its just unfortunate that im sure we will be seeing more HOBOS soon,with jobs,homes,cars an families being lost,i fear the worst is to come.

  6. Anonymous, I'm glad there were people who cared enough to help you and that things are better for you now. :-)

    When I've read about the Great Depression, and listened to the stories my parents told, there are countless examples of people banding together and helping one another. It was a different world then, more innocent in many ways. My fear is that society has bred so many with a thug-mentality that instead of helping one another there would be mass civil unrest and rampant crime. People have been spoiled by instant gratification and they won't like not having the comforts we've all gotten used to. Although I didn't vote for Obama I pray for him every night and for all those who have the power to make decisions for our country that they will somehow be inspired to make the right decisions for our country.

    I hope the "hobo" in this picture was able to find some measure of happiness and was able to live long enough to experience prosperity.

  7. as a matter of fact heather,i ended up in,,ta daaaaaa,,
    indiana,,he hee,,nice here,im workin,got a life but,,boy is it flat here,,lol.

    thanx for your note.


  8. Amazing picture. The man captures a lot of what the great depression was in this country.

  9. I learned that the term hobo is likely a derivation of a railroad term "ho-boys", something like "oh boys". I don't remember at this moment the meaning though.


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