Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Glamour Hat

This picture was taken in 1903, and gives us a glimpse of Women's fashion back then. You don't see hats like that much any more. A couple of days ago you thought our new theme was going to be Hobos when in fact, it was going to be hats.


  1. I suggest you drive by the AME church on a beautiful Sunday morning.

    Or wander into Belks and go to the womens hats section.


    PS - In England they still wear hats to weddings and events. Big, FABULOUS hats.

  2. I love the Edwardian Era, I guess because it coincided with the Industrial Revolution.

    We were just coming out of the "gilded age" when this photo was taken.

    These hats were beautiful.

  3. Send this photograph to Queen Elizabeth. Maybe she'd give up those ghastly things she wears.

  4. Hat's? Thank goodness we have left the gas masks behind...


  5. Oo, I love hats! This will be a fun week!

  6. Whoa. Was this 'normal' dress in that era?

  7. reguarding yesterday's posts
    i used to have a fedora and i wore it everywhere but my head got to big

    like i said i also went to private school and every sunday my parent would make us get dressed up for church and i really havent grown out of getting dressed for church and it bothers me to see girls wearing such slutty outfits to church and people roll out of bed and seems like they come to church in their pjs

    but i hope we do start seeing some more hats not like that but something classy and more dressy presentable clothes.

  8. This lady is beautiful and all class, that hat adds to it all. I love the idea of wearing hats. I would be willing to wear a fedora or a bowler but I could never talk my wife into wearing one of those huge garden on your head things, too bad.

  9. MarK:

    I agree. School uniforms were great. And I never allowed my daughter to dress provocatively, and she doesn't today.

    It all has to do with self-respect and independence.

  10. This is typical upper middle class+ dress for women of the era. The more elaborate the item, the more expensive. Also, expensive items could be handed down to friends, relatives, servants, etc once they were no longer in fashion or in good repair. We mock our betters in all eras of civilization, so yes, inexpensive reproductions of this type of bonnet and gown would have been available.

  11. Can't really say that I like the hat, looks like something made a crushlanding on her head!;P Either way: hats a awsome!!

  12. Absolutly stunning hat, on a beautiful young woman. She almost looks like she is dressing up. For the day, when women were heavier/rounder than is fashionable today, she looks quite thin which makes me think she can't be much over the age of 16. If you look at the sleeves they almost look a little loose. We are so acustomed to thinking of womens clothes then being much tighter.


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