Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gentleman in Hat

Continuing our theme this week of hats, we show this picture from about 1915 of a gentleman in a hat. Like many people have indicated, I am hoping that the hat will make a comeback. I think we acted nicer when we dressed nicer. This is especially true of teenagers.
OK, want to have a little mid-week fun? Who is the person in the picture? I can not respond till after work this afternoon, but you can go ahead and put your guesses in.
Perhaps my only way of defeating Nate Maas is to have an unannounced mini-mid-week mystery person contest. Haaa Haaa Haaaaaa I will finally defeat the evil Nate Maas, and put him in his place. He will be defeated, oh yes, he will be defeated.


  1. Kent Says,

    Buffalo Bill Cody

  2. POPE GEORGE RINGOMarch 12, 2009 at 7:45 AM

    Don't know the identity, but it looks as if he is standing on the north portico of the White House.

  3. PJM:

    It's either:

    A - Your grandfather;


    B - Rhett Butler

  4. I forgot - whoever he is, he's handsome.

    It really is too bad people don't dress like this any more.

    I'm tired of big sneakers, baggy shorts, and logo t-shirts.

  5. Without a doubt, this is Buffalo Bill. He is rather dashing isn't he....

  6. I have to agree with Kent and Heather on the William Cody identity and with SmartGirl on the stylish dress he has on. Wonder how he got to a place where it looks so darned cold.

  7. I was going to say PJM that it looks a lot like you, so I'm guessing a relative of yours.

  8. OK, Kent was correct. This is W.F Buffalo Bill Cody.

    Nope, not a relative of mine, but I am flatered someone would suggest that.

    He is a dashing man, with the hat and overcoat.

    The Stetson is my all time favorite hat.

  9. poor nate,lol
    great pik,they never fail to amaze me,oldbear.

  10. I wonder where this photo was taken

  11. Sneaky, very sneaky PJM. I checked the blog before I left for work this morning and noticed that Kent had already correctly identified your underhanded Thursday surprise and Pope George Ringo was already offering to identify locations. Just when the government gives me an hour more sleep, I discover my nemesis never rests!

  12. Oh my, we hear from Nate . . . what 12 hours late. Oh my, he did not know there was a contest today. Poor Nate. Poor simple Nate.

  13. PJM and Nate--You crack me up. So cute!


  14. PJM said: "Oh my, we hear from Nate . . . what 12 hours late. Oh my, he did not know there was a contest today. Poor Nate. Poor simple Nate."

    This reminds me of the 1985 Super Bowl where the Miami Dolphins tormented the 49ers during the week before the game. My wife and I knew they were making a mistake. As we predicted, the 49ers ended up overpowering the Dolphins.

    Me thinks Nate will seek revenge ;)

    Love the contests, and always the photos. PJM, your banter is hilarious!

    And no, I won't enter the contests as you are all too good at guessing!



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