Monday, March 16, 2009

Carleston, South Carolina

This picture was taken in Charleston, South Carolina at the close of the Civil War (1865). The house pictured is the O'Connor House. I love this style of house, with its huge columns, balconies, and dual fireplaces. One can only wonder how magnificent it must have been on the inside.


  1. That house seems to be new and sparkling. Besides it is a wrecked structure though. It looks so out of placefrom the surrounding.

  2. Charleston is one of my favorite places to visit. In fact, I am wearing a Citadel shirt right now!

  3. This house is still standing. I'll bet Nate will be able to find some inside pictures posted somewhere.

  4. Sure. This home was turned into five condos in 2001. Here is real estate site that shows the interior of one of the condos today:

  5. Just click on the arrows under the first picture to see the interior.

  6. That first one was Apartment E, here is Apartment C:

  7. Beautiful interior, however it would have been nice if they could have retained some of the original look and feel.

  8. What a great house. However, I do find it surprising that it was still standing despite all the devastation around it.


    I was very interested in your comments yesterday about Custer.

    He always impressed me as a little different - do you think he was gay?

    Not that it matters, but it's interesting.

    I've always thought so.

  9. These pictures always remind me that photography was so staged early on. These men were clearly posed and then sat still while the image was made. Such a contrast to our speed shutters and digital images now.

  10. PJM here.

    So, I go on vaction to see King Tut, and Nate completely takes over my blog. I thought he would have the courtesy to keep quiet while I was trying to take a day vaction.

    More tomorrow on the King Tut tour.
    PJM (was not able to log on from my hotel room, hence anon posting)

  11. Hold the phone! PJM, you're on vacation?!? I thought you weren't going to see Tut until Spring Break? Do they celebrate Easter on a different date in Texas or do they just choose not to celebrate the holiday back there?

    And interesting enough for all those conspiracy theorists out there, it appears as though PJM is now posting as "Anonymous" and "PJM." Multiple aliases; mystery person posts on random days, a oddly timed Easter, seems like PJM is up to something....

    ...probably just trying to provoke jealousy in us history teachers with his trip to see Tut. Won't work. The exhibit is coming to San Francisco next which is a doable drive for me, so I'll just have to wait.

  12. PJM Here.

    Nate, be sure to read tomorrow's post . . . my review of the King Tut display.



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