Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Small Pleasures

With all the negativity about the economy, I wanted to try and post a cheerful picture today. Actually, it is harder than you think to find cheerful pictures. Lots of pictures of people partying hard in the 1920's but we all know where that led. Not a lot of cheerful pictures from the 1930's can be found. Of course, the 1940's brought World War II. If we go back to the 1910's we had the flu pandemic, and World War I. There are lots of pictures from the 1860's, but that decade certainly had its unpleasantness. So, in the end, I landed on this picture. It shows an older couple taking a nap together in a park after a picnic. Maybe this picture really captures what it is all about . . . in a world of turmoil and upheaval, seeking out moments to enjoy the small pleasures of life.


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  2. Ahhhhhh to have someone to lean my head against.....
    This is a lovely picture. Thanks for posting it.

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  4. Kent Says,

    Ain't love grand! Today's hard times has made me appreciate and love my wife even more.

  5. Don't forget that cameras were much slower back in the day, so most pictures were posed, sometimes for a minute or more.
    To most folks, taking or getting their picture taken was serious and often expensive business.
    There was very little candid or "snapshot" photography before the mid 20th century.
    That makes it difficult to find pictures of people relaxed and having fun.

  6. Nice. Which era did it come from? I reckon 1930s based on the pants leg of the person walking by in the background.

    BTW: First time here. Just found your photo series last week and love it--now it's on my list of sites I open up first thing in the morning.

  7. I like the way he's placed
    his shiny black boots, and
    the way their hats are

    It rounds off the photo
    really well.

  8. What a great photo, and it shows something that we have very little time for these days!!!

    There were no flat-screen TVs, DVDs, and video games!! I really think that people were better off in those days.

    My guess is that it was taken in the 1930s, too, judging from the woman's dress.

    How cute.

  9. To me they seem to be rather sad in some sense. Hope they had a good life.

    Perhaps we realise the importance of small things in life only after time has passed away.

  10. Hi. Just came across your blog and am really enjoying it.


  11. Do you know how many vermin live in the crevices of tree bark. That poor fellow probably had in infestation in his hair for weeks.

    Most unpleasant! :-)

  12. Small pleasures tend to be the best ones.

  13. I like the hat. Adds some style to the gentleman.

  14. im guessin its a sunday,,picnic after church me thinx.

  15. REB that's EXACTLY what I was thinking! We use to play in the grass, and crawl around in the tall weeds in a nearby field, never thinking about the bugs and "critters". That's the first thing I think of now. Bugs and germs.....

  16. I think the reason I love your blog is because your pictures show people as people living life, enjoying life, facing life with dignity, and sometimes, as today, loving each other.

  17. I think you can find the same moments now, have to get out and look for them of course, something a lot of us don't have time to do. Have to wait for February to turn to April maybe as well.

  18. xoxoxobruce
    Cameras were fast enough to stop action early in the 20th century but most people had box cameras that only did 1/30th of a second and had fixed lens. If you look at the back of the picture you can see the blurred movement of the foot of a passer by. I would say that would qualify this as a snap shot, not a posed photo.
    I have quite a few pictures taken by my great grandfather in the late 1800's and early 1900's with this type of camera.

  19. Sweet picture! First time round this blog and I love it, these old pictures are brilliant, I cannot stop looking at them. Where do you keep finding them?


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