Monday, February 23, 2009

Police Woman

This picture was taken in 1918, and shows a police woman. The woman appears to be directing traffic, but she does have a gun in a holster on her belt. I am wondering if this had been a traditional job for a woman or if perhaps World War I created a shortage of men, and led to women taking on new roles.


  1. PJM:

    I think you might be right about the war creating a shortage of men.

    The uniform looks uncomfortable, but I do like her boots.

    It looks like she could kick some serious you-know-what with those!!!

  2. What a contrast between this uniform and the one posted a few days ago! The one from the 20's looks like a keystone cop! This one looks like business: She can run, she has a weapon, she is serious and not showey.

  3. Whats that thing hanging from the umbrella? Looks like a rear view mirror to me !!

  4. I think we need cops (is that offensive? or should I say police personnel) directing trffic now-a-days because around me the answer to all the backed up intersections are traffic lights. They could make the lanes wider so cars could turn easier but, they dont they put up a traffic light. Instead of stopping for 1/2 second or rolling through the stop sign you have to stop, sometimes seems like hours, especially when your running late. It is really bad when you are sitting there for 2 or 3 minutes and no one passes, I know all of you have experienced this situation.

    With the economy how it is we could open up some jobs and have "professional" traffic directors

  5. The photo's cool, I think the difference in uniforms has more to do with the country of origin more than the time period though.

    But I wanted to comment on your poll. It comes down a little harsh on political correctness. I work in the media, so I know first hand that you can't just be willy-nilly and use outdated terms for people and things that could be considered offensive.
    But then comes the point that the less offensive we try to be, the more sensitive the public as a whole becomes when something offensive does come up.
    Such as the whole eskimo/inuit thing. I hate to bring it up again, but in the States and Alaska, the term Eskimo flies just fine. It was a common term up until about 50 years ago. In Canada, you don't call an Inuit native an eskimo. It's offensive. It similar to calling a black person a you-know-what. Notice how I use the term you-know-what? People who aren't black willing correct ourselves politically to be less offensive when it comes to that term. It's taboo. You probably also wouldn't call them a coon or a spear-chucker would you?

    The issue of political correctness gets even more complicated when you start introducing regional language. What's fine in say for example North Dakota might be flagrantly offensive to someone in Oregon. So you have to do your best to keep everyone happy. So you can't blame the media and politicians for trying to be more politically correct. You absolutely can't. The only people to blame are THE PEOPLE. The media only exists for as long as people want it to, if you don't watch, or you don't listen, it goes away. That's the simple truth. So if it's offending you, you're probably not going to watch or listen.

    So next time you think something is trying too hard to be politically correct, don't shoot the messenger. Talk about it with your friends, maybe talk it with the people who would be getting offended. If you can all agree that nobody is getting offended, then talk to the media. They're only trying to be nice so you'll pay attention to them.

    By the way, Andy Rooney tried to talk about political correctness, specifically how Negro was a fine term to use, tried to hold a dialogue about it, and he's been branded a racist forevermore. Which is a real shame.

  6. I love your current theme of women with guns! That te pictures are so good is just a bonus!!

  7. Andy Roony was and is a fool and like most old communist's a racist.

  8. Is that a mirror hanging from the unbrella? I thought at first it was a defect but it does look like a mirror. It would make sense. I was a cop for 27 years (retired 10 now) and believe me, when directing traffic you like to know what's behind you. What country of origin was it? Somehow I missed that. Female acceptance in law enforcement is something that is still growing. When I started the women were usually found doing jobs such as juvenile officer if you saw any at all. I should say that often times females do a better job then a lot of the males, better temperment.

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  10. Those boots are impossible.

  11. Peter:

    I think you might be correct re the country of origin.

    At first glance, the buildings in the background look like 19th Century New York to me.

    But . . . her hat suggests a foreign country.

    Re "political correctness," you make a good point. Of course, it's not appropriate to use derogatory or racial terms in public, nor is it intelligent to judge someone based on their appearance or ethnicity.

    However, there is a time for this stuff, and a time when it's overkill.

    And this blog is a perfect example.

    At NO TIME has the author of this blog set out to insult, degrade, or sterotype anyone.

    His only intention is to share these wonderful historical photos with us, along with a few innocent comments.

    Yet, some readers feel compelled to pick apart and correct every little thing word he choses, all in the name of "political correctness."

    A perfect example is the "eskimo" thing. Who cares? It's not as if he swore at an eskimo in the street or called somone a n***** on the blog!

    The whole "PC watchdog" attitude is ridiculous.

    There is a time to take this matter seriously, but this isn't it.

  12. Where are, where is today's post?

  13. SmartGirl, I like you more all the time. Your comments were perfect. I come from a very diverse family. My brother married a Vietnamese woman who was Buddhist, my sister married a man from Pakistan who was Moslem, my mother was of the Brethren religion, my father was Lutheran, and I adopted a Black daughter, and we are Mormon. Diversity is wonderful and I am grateful to those who care enough not to purposely offend, but it can be carried to the extreme. I've heard my daughter and her friends blaming issues in relationships as being evidence of prejudice, and I intervened and cautioned them never to assume bigotry, or give someone such a label unless it's well earned. It's easy to look for reasons to be offended and feel defensive all the time. But what an unpleasant way to live. Abraham Lincoln said, "If you look for the bad in people, you will surely find it." Same applies to looking for offending words. .....Let's enjoy this wonderful blog with it's interesting pictures, shall we?

  14. Heather:

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Honestly, I don't know what's happened to common sense these days.

    I believe that we are innundated with a great deal of unecessary information; and, as a society, we spend WAY to much time agonizing over minutiae.

    The description of your family's diversity is a perfect example of how to PRACTICE treating all people with respect, instead of just talking about it all the time and constantly pointing the finger at others when it isn't necessary.

    Uou are very wise not to allow your daughter and her friends to be quick blame race as an issue for someone's behavior toward them. It can easily become an excuse for our own shortcomings.

    And . . many times, the people who make the loudest noise about these things don't practice what they preach or they have some insecurities of their own that they are trying to justify.

    I agree that we should just enjoy these phots and that people should stop policing PJM's every word.

    But . . i STILL want to go skeet shooting!!!!

  15. She looks like a dominatrix! Holy cow, I will drive where you tell me to, lady!

  16. What is the black disk hanging off the umbrella shade? Is this a rear view mirror so she can see traffic coming from behind. What a good idea.

    On the Eskimo debate. From wikipedia
    In Canada and Greenland the term Eskimo is widely held to be pejorative and has fallen out of favor, largely supplanted by the term Inuit. However, while Inuit describes all of the Eskimo peoples in Canada and Greenland, that is not true in Alaska and Siberia. In Alaska the term Eskimo is commonly used, because it includes both Yupik and Inupiat, while Inuit is not accepted as a collective term or even specifically used for Inupiat (which technically is Inuit). No universal replacement term for Eskimo, inclusive of all Inuit and Yupik people, is accepted across the geographical area inhabited by the Inuit and Yupik peoples.

  17. Could this woman doing this job even vote yet?