Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mystery Person

I have grown tired of people coming in and getting the Mystery Person in about two minutes. I am not going to mention any names, but I think you all know who you are. So, today, I have made it much harder. This is not impossible, but it will be probably the toughest one I have given you. The person you are to identify is the man at the Microphone. You see, I have more fun when the contest goes on longer, and, after all, this blog is all about me having fun. So, today you are going to have to work for it. Now . . . . Wait for it . . . . Waaaaaait for it . . . . . Wait for it . . . . . OK, LET THE GAMES BEGIN!


  1. Hah! I laugh at your pathetic attempts to win the contest. No, no Tom Parker. :)

  2. Is it Bill Haley, from Bill Haley and the Comets? ("Rock Around the Clock)

  3. I grow weary of your feeble guessing. No, it is not Bill Haley.

  4. Heather,
    Perhaps you should have just slept in this morning, as you have not won the contest. HA HA HA! I have stumped EVERYONE!!!!!

  5. is it Charlie See/d

  6. Marie,
    Oh please.

    You all are wasting my time. Is there anyone worthy of winning? Anywone wise and discerning? No none, not one.

  7. Anon,
    Charlie who? I dont know who you are talking about, but no, this person in not charlie.

    Is the picture actually showing up, or are you all just making up names?

    YAWN. I wonder why I even have this contest.

  8. Franklyn MacCormack? Oh please. This is an embarrassment. I am going to go make coffee.

  9. Russ Hodges

    Be nice if I'm wrong. I'm very sensitive. ;)

  10. Oops..forgot to put my name.

    Russ Hodges....and I'm still sensitive. (may cry)

  11. I'm thinking that looks like a Super Bowl winners ring on his I right? If so, could this be Max McGee?

  12. Sheila,
    Thank you for your participation in the Old Picture of the Day "Mystery Person" contest. The management of the site regret to inform you that your response was incorrect. We are sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused you. We welcome you to participate in future contests.
    The Management.

  13. Please note . . . If you want a polite response, you must specifically request one.

    Heather did not request a polite response, so she gets this one.


  14. *blotting my eyes a little bit*

    Thank you :)

  15. So wehre is Ray in the UK this morning? Even an 8 hour time zone advantage in the contest could not help him this morning perhaps?

    Then, how about Nate Maes? So arrogant and cocky last week winning both the standard and bonus edition rounds. This week perhaps cut down to size.

    (evil laugh) Ha Ha Ha (/evil laugh)

  16. Okay, I'm getting desperate here (wringing my hands) it Max Bygraves?

  17. It is a cold morning this morning. The skies are overcast, and the wind is blowing. I am sitting in my study, and have a wonderful rock fireplace. I have a nice fire going in the fireplace. I have two pecan logs, because they start fast, and then on top of that a large oak log that will burn all day. I sitting here nice and toasty, and sipping a wonderful capucino with just a dash of honey. Most importantly, I bask in the knowledge that I and only I know the identity of the Mystery Person. Heather, you are incorrect.

  18. Ray is trying to find
    out who these people
    are...they seem to
    be soaking wet.

  19. My last guess (my daughter has a program at church) is Buddy Starcher. If wrong, I have every confidence that my fellow "players" will very soon solve this mystery! We will not be undone by the likes of you, Mr. PJM....

  20. Ray,
    The first sane thing I have heard all morning. Yes, these people are soaking wet. Not particularly relevant to figuring out who they are, but yes, they are soaking wet.

    Britain was once a great empire, but now her loyal subjects are unable to simply identify the people in a photograph. A sorry state of affairs.

  21. My guess is former Gov. Pat O'Daniel with his son and daughter.

  22. A lot of wet hair in this pic, so I'm guessing a swimmer... Johnny Weismuller (of Tarzan fame)

  23. Buddy Who? No, this person is not named Buddy.

    You see I figures out some of the techniques you guys were using to win the contest so I threw you a curve ball.

    I assure you this was a notable person, and there are some interesting things I can talk about once someone wins.

  24. Sorry for my ignorance of Texas politics. I'm guessing W. Lee O'Daniel with his son Pat O'Daniel and daughter who went by the stage name, "Texas Rose."


    Until further notice, Mr. Nate Maas is banned from future Mystery Peron contests. Management suspects that he is somehow cheating as he has now won three contests in a row. Management requests said Nate Maas, if that is in fact his real name please explain how he determined the correct answer. Lacking this response, management will continue to embargo and deem Nate Maas banned from future contests :)

    OK, a few years ago there was a quirky little movie called Oh Brother Where Art Thou. I loved the movie, and had my mom over to watch it because I thought she would like it. There was a character in the movie called Pappy O'Daniel. When this character showed up in the movie, I was suprised as my mom told me that Pappy was a real historical figure. When she was a little girl, he had come through their town, and she had seen him. She said the character in the movie really reminded her of the real Pappy. He was a radio personality, goernor of texas, and businessman.

    Congrats Nate.

  26. Okay, Lee's daughter is not "Texas Rose."

  27. Congratulations to Nate!!

    "O Brother Where Art Thou" is one of my husband's favorite movies, too. But I've never watched it.

    And . . . I still want to know . . . why is their hair wet??

  28. SmartGirl,
    You have to watch Oh Brother. It is a great movie, and even better when you know that Pappy O'daniel was real. In the movie I think they portrayed him as being from Louisiana, when in reality he was a Texas Politician. My mom said his small town campaign meeting was something to remember.

  29. I spent too much time on
    the "soaking wet" angle.

    As for the "once a great
    empire," I will not be

    Great work, Nate Mass.
    You saved the day.

  30. OK, sorry about the "Once Great" comment. How about this,

    Loyal Friend
    Liberators of the Oppressed
    Builders of Empires
    Watchdogs for Freedom.

    There, are we friends again?

  31. Yes. I'm a real person and Nate Maas is not an alias. I'm a high school history teacher and live in San Luis Obispo, California. My number is in the phone book. Unfortunately for guessing, I wake until about 6 or 6:30 am Pacific time, so you folk back east get a jump on me.

    I didn't know these people when I first looked at them, the microphone stood out. It also looked like a photo from the 1940s. A double mike would be for a radio show, musical performance, or interview. The guy on the right looked well-to-do with a large ring, so I was thinking (politician, musical promoter, or revival minister). It looked like they had wet hair, so I assumed that they were in some kind of outdoor tent and it had been raining. The way the guy had grabbed both microphones made me think he might have been a politician, so I started googling Texas governors. I figured I'd start with Texas as, Paul, you seem to have an inclination towards that state.

    It didn't take me long to find and identify Gov. O'Daniel, so I started to google "Governor O'Daniel music." I would have gone to religion next, but O'Daniel seemed to have a big connection to Texas Swing music. Wasn't long from there before I noticed that Pat O'Daniel had a band. I was confused at first and mixed up Pat and Pap. When I straightened it out, I made the connection between O'Daniel and O'Daniel (son and father). With another google search I discovered the photo at UT where it said, "Gov. O'Daniel with son and daughter." I then took a guess, but my names were still confused. I then googled a couple genealogy sites to see if I could get the son and daughters' names, but without luck I went back to Hillbilly Boys and noticed a Texas Rose who looked similar (until I googled her). I assumed that both kids might have been in the band, but apparently the daughter wasn't. Still don't know her name.

    I probably wouldn't have been working so hard at trying to find it, but your comments I took as a challenge. And the evil laugh, well you've got to silence an evil laugh.

    Actually, thanks for the fun. I love old photos and I love this blog. You make every day fun, but Saturdays are particularly fun. Thanks!

    By the way, I showed your colorized "Migrant Mother" photo to my class and we talked about how our understanding of the past is oftentimes solidified by media and pictures. They liked how the color picture made it seem like it could have been taken today. Made studying history a little more relevant for them.

  32. I am humbled, and have been put in my place. I will go quietly crawn back under the rock I came from. Nate Maas has beaten me. I am a worthless wretch of a man.

    Seriousely though. . . Nate on the Migrant mother picture . . . that WEB site was a site put together by my students. One of the things I had taught them was how to colorize old picutures. It was funny, when they colorized the pictures a poor little Mexican boy said, you know the whole thing is not nearly as depressing in color. I thought it was a funny comment.

    Thanks so much for your participation in the blog.

  33. Well, your students are doing great work. What are they using, Photoshop?

    I hadn't thought to colorize old photos. I might try it later this year, but our district doesn't provide the equipment to really make it good for the class to do themselves. I think maybe I'll colorize a few "iconic" pictures and see if they evoke a reaction from the students when I post them.

    So how many sites to your students have now? I remember the Indian site, but are there others?

  34. Wow, nate. That's great!!

    I was looking under 1940s and 50s radio shows and hosts, and I came across a photo of o'daniel, but I didn't pay attention to it.

    I really thought the subject looked like Bill Haley. I probably wouldn't made that connection, anway.


    i'll watch the movie, my husband loves it.

  35. Nate,
    They used Photoshop Photoshop CS4 Extended, which is state of the art.

    Interesting that the rural community that I teach at is at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder. Many students are freshly in the country Mexican kids. Many have English as their second language. Many kids in very tough situations. Interestingly though, the school district is well financed. While I am a first year teacher they have given me everything I have asked for. Every seat in my class room has a loaded computer with high speed internet access. We have Office 2007, Photoshop CS4, which was insanely expensive, and microsoft expressions. We are working on a deal where in the next year or two, the school will issue each student a laptop, and all books will be on the laptop in PDF form. Interestingly, I have found this to be the most rewarding thing I have ever done . . . to see these little mexican kids stand up in front of the class, and talk about starting a business, or going to college.

    Anyway, I have three different multimedia classes, and each class is building a WEB site. The three WEB sites are works in progress, but they are:

    I think for sophmores from poor homes, these kids have done some pretty impressive work.

  36. I'm sorry, with your response, I'm having flash backs to O Brother Where Art Thou. Your district sounds almost too unbelievable to true. A few years ago I wrote a grant for our school for a bunch of iMacs. It was enough for eight for every class, software, etc. I spent a good part of my summer running cable to the class. About two years ago, they came through and took them all away. Said that our district was going PC. They said they didn't know how to fix Macs (never mind that we had never had a service call to the tech people). Now I've got two junky old Windows XP machines, that are rarely working. I bring in my own laptop and tether it to my phone, because their internet filters so much it pretty much makes it unusable in class. I realize that money is not as available as it used to be, but out here the administrative waste makes it so much worse.

    Maybe I just need to move to Texas.

    Anyway, noticed the Pancho Villa quote. I love that one and use it in my class when we talk about him.

  37. PJM
    Very well put.
    Yes, friends again.

    Nate Maas
    That was great detection
    work. You'd put Sherlock
    Holmes to shame.

  38. Nate,
    If you dont mind, would you drop me an email at the link at the bottom of this page?

  39. Great job Nate, Great pick Paul. I have the flu so after my pathetic attempts this a.m. at guessing I went back to bed.

    Love that movie.

  40. Nate that was some real sleuthing!

  41. I grow weary of all the praise for Nate. I will get him, Oh yes, I will get him. He will not continue to make a mockery of this contest. I will stump him, oh yes, I will stump him.

  42. Nate,

    Have you heard of GIMP? It's a free Photoshop alternative.

  43. I use Paint.Net.
    Very good, also free.

    Nate is very good at this,
    and with the rest of us
    you don't stand a chance.

  44. et tu, ray in UK . . . you are joining Nate in making a mockery of this contest. Next week you will pay, you will all pay. Haaa haaa haaaaa.

  45. Great thread. I look forward to the day Paul stumps the crowd for 24 hours.

  46. Nate, some great research!

    Paul, I am very impressed with what your students are doing with the websites and also impressed that a school is so well equiped with computer technology..and has such a creative teacher!


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