Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eating Pie

This picture was taken in 1939, and shows a young boy eating pie. The boy is the son of Migrant farm workers. The picture was taken outside Fort Gibson, Oklahoma.


  1. Wow, seen in todays context this photo may appear to be taken by a proud father who has taken his kid on a outing or a trip in the wild. The kid appearing all dirty due to the playing in mud and all!!!
    But, actually it is depecting the agony and hopelessness of maybe not having a home to live in and not having a decent meal.

  2. That doesn't look like pie to me. It looks like soup, and he's blowing it to cool it off. Cute little guy.
    If the economy continues in the direction it's going, we may well know days as dire as the ones depicted in your photos.

  3. The kid seems not to be wearing rag-tag clothing. His clothes look clean. This photo could have been of me in the mid-40s, seeing the style of attire.

    Interesting photo.

  4. I just noticed...are those FLIES on the map and around his food?

  5. I would agree, it does look like something more like soup. Or at least, it doesn't look a lot like pie.

  6. perhaps heather its,,shoofly pie,
    i know but i just had to say 1st,
    definitly doesnt look like pie!

  7. I agree with Brother Dave.
    The lad looks healthy &
    The food is either soup
    or guess.
    And yes, Heather, those
    are flies.

  8. Anonymous that was hilarious! I didn't see that one coming at all! Shoo-Fly Pie indeed! Really tickled my funny bone....

  9. He looks a lot healthier and happier than most kids today, despite all of our "advantages."

  10. It looks like he has a fork in his hand, not a spoon.

    It COULD be pie, something like blueberry that makes a lot of juice.

    It looks like pie in the bowl to me.

  11. Interesting how they seem to be using a map as their tablecloth.

  12. I had a good look at the photo by enlarging it.

    The map that is shown is a CONOCO Oil Company Map. "Conoco's biggest claim to fame was the Conoco Travel Bureau, second only to AAA in promoting pleasure travel."

    I can't make out what the map is of, though.

    The piece of paper to the sight looks like it is a promotional map, or the back side of one) with a section entitled "Seeing the Southwest".

    My feeling is that this is actually a sightseeing trip and towards the end of the 1930s rather than at the beginning.

    I can't imagine an itinerant family using a map as a table cloth. It would have been much more carefully kept.