Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bowery Restaraunt

This picture was taken in the Bowery, and shows a restaurant advertising a 5 cent meal, which includes pie and coffee. It is amazing how little a nickel will buy today. I can remember when I was a boy you could get a coke for a nickel, and could get a candy bar for a nickel.


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  2. I believe that's bread and coffee with the meal, for 5 cents.

    The pie and coffee for a nickel, is separate.

    I also believe I should check my spelling before posting.

  3. That's a great picture.

    And . . . the way things are going with the economy these days, I think restaurants are going to have to offer the same type of thing again!!!

    When I was in junior high in the '60s, there was a little variety store (called "The Meshanticut Spa") on our way home from school, and they always had those big jars of penny candy.

    We would always stop there. You could get a ton of stuff for 25 cents. Of course, we always walked to school; no-one does that any more, too dangerous.

  4. I'm not sure if I see that correctly, but is that store window advertising a dozen bottles of Bass Ale for $1.60?
    I wish that were the price these days!

  5. I love these pictures! Any idea of the year of this one?

    I, too, remember nickel cokes. However, I am making a much larger annual salary than my parents did. I wonder if I'm coming ahead, or falling behind....


  6. Mike B, in current dollars I have heard we actually make less than our parents. This is a two-income society now. Even in the 70s when I grew up, there were mostly housewives who did a little Avon on the side. Women didn't have to work in order to help make the mortgage for the most part. Husbands were able to support sometimes very large families on moderate incomes.

    Where exactly is the Bowery? I've heard of it, and there is that old song "The Bowery, the Bowery, they say such things and they do strange things at The Bowery, The Bowery, I'll never go there again."

  7. I believe the Bowery is in lower Manhattan.

    I also am trying to date this picture. The quality is very good. Tom Moore Rye in the window references the Tom Moore distillery in Kentucky that is still functioning, but appears to go back to the eighteenth century. Based on picture quality alone, I would guess 1920s or 30s; otherwise older.

  8. Wondering why this photograph was clicked?


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