Sunday, February 8, 2009


This picture was taken in 1920, and shows a group of Bathing Beauties. Interesting how much bathing suits have changed over the last 90 years.


  1. Yes, and in my opinion, the changes haven't been for the best. Many bathing suits now cover less than a bra and panties! What happened to modesty?

  2. A part of the enjoyment of something is in the anticipation. Revealing practically all of one's skin leaves nothing to anticipate, and nothing to the imagination.

    Is beauty actually more than "skin deep?"

    Heather, it seems that many young people today lack a sense of modesty. Misplaced values, perhaps?

    Interesting photo of the bathing beauties.

  3. I notice there were varying stages of modesty even back then. Some legs are covered while others vary below and above the knees.

    The lack of modesty, in my opinion, is due primarily to the influence of TV today. Even the daily soap operas on the biggest networks reveal too much of the body and the behavior ranges from tasteless to salacious. Many parents have dropped the ball on child rearing because they are "too busy" to be bothered.

  4. America amazes me. A woman in a two-piece bathing suit appears to be void of modesty or values, while one of the country's thriving industries spawns the internet with the vilest pornography, sowing disrespect of girls and women and a brutalized sexual imagination into the minds of boys all over the world.

  5. Jens I agree,

    but when it comes to revealing ones self it is forbidden or seeing nudity in art, or in a natural enviroment it is improper and demoralizing

    for how much we are advancing "forward" through the ages in technology and living it seems we are loosing what is important to us culturally and morally

    aka "misplaced values"

  6. To AL:

    Once again, you've hit the nail ono the head.

    It's not only TV, but movies, video games, and LACK OF PARENTING.

    When are people in this day and age going to wake up and stop trying to be PALS with their kids?

  7. I'm not as wise and elderly as you I'm only in college but yes i think it sad because I was raised with by a back-hand and a wooden spoon and hope to raise my children the same. I'm affraid im not going to beable to raise my children that way because of the changing laws

  8. To Mark:

    Well, thanks for the compliment re "wise" but I'm only 55 so I really haven't gotten to the point where I would consider myself "elderly." Now, on the other hand, my parents ARE elderly, my mother is 90 and my dad is 94!!

    Actually, "50 is the new 40" these days, didn't you know that??

    Anyway, I'm still listening to Creedence, the Stones, and Santana, so I guess I'm not dead yet!!

    But .. .you are correct, discipline is going out of style these days, everyone wants to be "pals" with their kids, and my generation (the boomers) is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to spoiling their kids.

    I never subscribed to that touchy-feely nonsense. My daughter is a freshman in college, and she doesn't drink or smoke or fool around, because she knows I won't pay the bills if she does, not to mention the fact that I'll kill her.

    I grew up during the "peace love and dope" era of the 60s and I never drank or even smoked a joint, because I was afraid of my father. I still am.

  9. It's not even April 1st. I'll admit from what I have seen roller blading on Lake Shore Drive, there are many suits that aren't kid appropriate roller blading up and down the shores of Lake Michigan.

  10. Bonjour, je suis francais, et j'espere que vous me comprenez, juste selon moi cette personne a dus ce perdre dans son epoque, en fait il est plus du genre Napoleonnien que du genre confédéré ou sudiste!!!!

  11. That stripped suit on the far left is hanging in an antique shop in Ames, Iowa now. It is 100% wool and full of moth holes. It would have been so heavy and itchy when wet.

    I believe you have the best blog.


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