Monday, January 26, 2009

Wounded Soldiers

This picture was taken in 1864, and shows soldiers wounded in the Battle of the Wilderness. It is interesting to see how far battlefield medicine has come in the last 140 years. These men did not even have the comfort of a tent, but had only the shelter of a tree.


  1. The Civil War photos are always my favorite!!

    Not only did the wounded not even have the comfort of a tent, but the man in the front looks like he was happy to be there.

    They were obviously grateful for what little they DID have, and lucky to survive.

  2. What is the best DVD set [historical documentary] out there that covers the Civil War?

  3. Brother Dave,
    I really loved the Ken Burns 10 hour series called "The Civil War". Some complained about a northern bias. I am southern sympathizer, yet still really enjoyed it.

  4. The best Civil War documentary I ever saw was the PBS Ken Burns series, narrated by David McCullough.

    It was fabulous.

    You can buy it online from Amazon or at At, they have previews and screensavers as well as all of Ken Burns' other documentaries, too.

    But I warn you . . . those documentaries are like cocaine, you'll end up buying all of them.

  5. To PJM:

    You already know how much I love your websites, but the Civil War is one of my favorite subjects!!

    Even though I live in New England, I am a Southern sympathizer too!!

    In fact, they way things are going in terms of "big government and taxes," I'd like to secede today!

    PS - do you ever come across photos of the Bolshevik Revolution and the Romanoffs? That whole thing is another facsinating piece of history that I love.

  6. SmartGirl,
    Thanks for the kind words. Living in Texas, secession sounds real good right about now. This is not an anti-obama statement, but an anti-washington statement. I feel both parties have failed us miserably.

    I am interested in the Romanoffs, but have never really had a chance to study them.

  7. I may be wrong, but I believe that the man standing to the right of the tree is also seen to the left of the tree, but semi-transparent. Maybe due to the slow process of photography 150 years ago?

  8. To PJM:

    I agree with your anti-Washington statement and that both parties have really failed us.

    Unfortunately, I doubt it's going to get better, and I think Obama has a big reality check coming.

    And . . .I still think the former Confederacy should prouldy fly their battle flag. It's an important part of our history.

    I understand why they left the Union, and many of those issue still exist today.

  9. I could`nt agree with you more SmartGirl.

  10. is that a ghost just left of the tree?

  11. whats up with the guy standing to the left of the tree? he looks ghostly


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