Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Whipping Post

This is a most unusual photograph, taken in 1905. The picture shows three men on a whipping post in a prison in Delaware. One man appears to be tied to the post, receiving a lashing, and two more are on a platform with their head and hands in stocks. I was unable to find any other details on the picture.


  1. It's nice that he has a chair to sit down and rest if he get's tired. *S*

  2. Wow, I didn't know that corporal punishment of that type was still allowed in the early 20th Century.

    But . . . that was during the Industrial Revolution when kids were working 18 hours a day and being dismembered in mills, so I guess I shouldn't be so surprised.

  3. After yesterday's comments . . . luckily for blog author it is a white guy getting whipped.

  4. LOL! Good one Anonymous!

  5. I can assure you the guy on the bottom is not getting whipped or caned. Or if that is what is going on then he's not gotten his first shot.

    I have to admit, I find the raised platform with stocks on it puzzling. How do they get up there, ladder?

    It might help me to know where these pix come from and how they're attributed.


  6. Look here:

  7. I bet they wished all they received was water boarding.

  8. I found it curious, too, but it certainly looks like the guy on the right is about to hit the guy chained to the post with something that looks like either a stick or a whip.

    And what are those guys doing on the top platform? Waiting their turn?

    What else could it be? Those prison uniform pants look real to me. I don't know if this sort of thing was actually allowed, but I'm sure that corporal punishemnt like this went on whether it was legal or not.

    Let's face it, people still get beat up and mistreated in prison today.

    We just had a horrible incident here in Rhode Island at the Wyatt Detention Center in Central Falls, which is a privately run prison that was constructed for the US Marshalls Service.

    They had a contract with the Federal Government for ICE detainees.

    In August, a Chinese national died while in custody there. This guy was a married computer engineer from New York with no criminal record. The only thing that he did wrong was that was that his visa had expired and he missed a hearing. So they arrested him.

    He died from a fractured spine and from undiagnosed liver cancer. He was denied medical treatment and beaten. Why?

    Now ICE is pulling everyone out of there and there's a big lawsuit and investigation in progress. Naturally the ACLU is in the middle of it, too.

    It's hard to believe that stuff like this still goes on, but it does.

  9. You all are a bunch of racists. I can tell that you wish it was a black guy getting whipped.

    Plus Mr. Thack pointed to a link with a black person in it.

    Racists, Racists, Racists :)

  10. Thanks to Mr. Thackery!!!!

    I checked out your link, and it confirms that this photo is real and that the unfortunate soul standing at the bottom is about to get whipped.

    The link shows almost the exact same scene on the website for the State of Delaware in their historical documents section.

    It goes on to describe the purpose and location of the whipping post and says that whipping wasn't outlawed in that state until 1972.

    That's unbelievable.

  11. And . . .for those of you who might be offended, I must warn you that two of the prisoners shown in the State of Delaware photo are African-American.

    So . . . this current news article should make you feel better:

    The Dept of Corrections in Massachusetts just spent $77,000 on 117 new, flat-screen TVs so that the prisoners (inlcuding killers and rapists) can watch the SuperBowl in style.

    How nice for them and what a wise use of funds in these tight economic times. I'm sure the poor guys deserve it.

    Check it out:

  12. I think Allman Brothers sing "sometimes I feel like I am tied to the whipping post": I didn't realize it was such a contemporary reference.

  13. Several people in prison could use a good beating every now and then and maybe they would not be so quick to commit another crime to go back so taxpayers can waste more money on feeding them.

  14. Reminds me of the Toronto after hours clubs in the eighties.

  15. That's Ol Red Hannah, the symbol of corporal punishment in the First State. Lasted until the early 70s.