Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wall Street Bombing

There was a lot of interest in the photograph on Friday of the anarchist meeting in New York City. So, I thought you might also like this one. The picture was taken on September 16, 1920 on Wall Street, and shows the aftermath of a bomb which was set off by anarchists. A victim of the blast can be seen being covered on the sidewalk. Most people do not know about this incident. The blast killed 38 people, and over 400 were injured. The bomb was transported in place by a horse-drawn wagon, and was detonated by a timer.

I have never understood the anarchist movement. So, they want to bring down the government, burn, loot, and pillage. Then what? So lets say on day one they burn the grocery stores and malls. On day two, they bring down the government. Then, what is the plan for day three? Who will pay the police, teachers, and garbage collectors? If these people are not paid, who will maintain order? If there is no order, who will reopen the grocery stores? If the grocery stores do not reopen, how will the anarchist feed themselves? Am I just missing something?


  1. No, you're not missing anything.

    The Big-L libertarians would prattle about private contracts and associative police forces but the anarchists don't really even want that.

    Burn, baby, burn. Remember that gem from the 60's and early 70's?

    See also Gaza.


  2. I'm liberal politically (NOT libertarian) and I'm also very confused about what anarchy stands for and what the point of it is. It seems very juvenile.

    I probably don't know enough, because I can't imagine anybody being dumb enough to think anarchy (as I understand it) would work. Time to do some research, I guess.

    Fascinating picture, by the way.

  3. I know that Libertarians are not anarchist, but dont understand them either. Are they more like ultra-right wing, or ultra-left wing, or are they something completely different. Is it just they are for very minimal governemnt?

  4. Anarchists are amazingly naive in thinking they can have a society without rulers or hierachical authority. They believe no human should dominate another and that everyone whould be free to join or do whatever they want. They think conflict can be solved without any threat to "social order or individual liberty". They would make decisions by mass assemblies, discussions, and cooperation between equals. Elected individuals would handle administrative duties only, but would exercise no decision making authority. Obviously, people who believe a society like this is possible has never studied human nature and quite possibly they have been influenced by smoking too much weed.

  5. Anarchy is defined as a state of society without government or law.

    Perhaps the anarchist believes that removing government will present a playing field where an alternative form of rule can be established.

    Taking out two major structures of the World Trade Center on 9/11 did not take down our government.

    Tim McVey believed his bombing of a government building would trigger nation-wide anarchy against the U.S. Government. So anarchists are likely short on critical thinking.

  6. Anarchists are all about no rules especially those that might hold them accountable for their own childish behaviors.

  7. It reminds me of the rioting going on in Oakland the last few weeks. On the news I saw them destroying a Radio Shack. What did that have to do with anything???? They did nothing to deserve that.

  8. Thanks for visiting and following my blog The Foundation Forum. It has led me to your blog, and to your interesting site on the Civil War. I am bookmarking both for resources. Thank you.

  9. To all the leftover hippies:

    It's time to come in off the commune, take a bath, and wash your hair.

    Timothy Leary is dead and Manson is in jail.

  10. Very true. Anarchy is just an excuse for criminally egotistic or destructive behavior. It's the same mindset we have with take-the-money-and-run business arsonists: I take what I want and to the deuce with all the others. I remember the editor-in-chief of a well-known German news magazine who, when questioned why he and his magazine had turned from a leftist stance to economic liberalism, said that he did not feel any change at all; he had always been "an anarcho-liberal". Hm.

  11. I totally agree about your anarchy comments. I think they just don't think that far ahead! The scars of this bombing, on the buildings of Wall Street, are still in evidence today, as they were never repaired. On purpose. Fascinating stuff.

  12. Who will lead the anarchists? It seems a contradiction - like "organized mayhem".

    Great image nonetheless.

  13. In his autobiography My Life, Leon Trotsky wrote about a train ride that he had where he had to listen to an anarchist blathering on about the Utopian future. After a long diatribe, Trotsky asked the anarchist about the railway and who would maintain it. End of conversation.

    I'm not a follower of Trotsky, but this time he was right.