Thursday, January 15, 2009

U Boat

This picture was taken around 1916, and shows a World War I era U-boat, and sailor. German U-boats were the terror of the seas, and were partly responsible for drawing the United States into the war.


  1. Hmmm, did the Germans use black sailors in WWI in their u-boats? I had not known that.


  2. hes black,,or extremely dirty,?
    maybe a mechanic,or oiler?

  3. I did a little research and found several references to Black soldiers in Europe during WWI, even in Germany. One name kept popping up and that was Sargeant Major Tambo who served in the Imperial German Army in WWI. He served in a cavalry unit before and during WWI, gaining the Iron Cross first and second class. It follows then, that Black soldiers probably served in U-boats too.

  4. I sincerely doubt he is a black sailor. Just not in the realm of possibility. It is much more likely he has just come up from the engine room etc. In addition, they would bathe rarely as fresh water would be at a premium.

  5. Terror of the seas? They stuck to the rules. They defend her land. The provocation in the War at Sea came first from England. They wanted the people of starvation... Sorry for my bad english.

    Greets from Germany.

    and very nice HP.

  6. yes, and Hitler was a real nice guy as well. Just a man trying to take care of the Blonde, blue-eyed white folk. Nope, nothing to be ashamed of in German history.

  7. Yes, our killing of native Americans and our rape of their land, customs, and history is also nothing ot be ashamed of. Not to mention or use and treatment of slaves. Get over it. Every country has "shady" spots in their history.

  8. Wow, he looks like a really scary guy. I wouldn't want to come across HIM anywhere!!!

    And . . . let's face it - Germany was partly responsible for initiating two World Wars. Not to mention the fact that they considered themselves superior to all other races and wanted to wipe out the Jews. Who's kidding who. That's definitely a problem.

    Hitler was definitely the embodiement of the AntiChrist and a total lunatic to boot.

    Of course, every nationality has its share of bad guys; but in the 20th century, the Germans seemed to want to take over everyone around them.

    I think they learned their lesson after WWII though, when the allies decimated them and then Germany was split in two for so many years.

    There's good and bad in everyone.

    We need to pay more attention to what's going on in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

    There's always going to be someone who hates the United States.

    We can never let down our guard.

  9. I agree with Smartgirl, the German population was literally decimated (which by the way means one in ten was killed) and was also divided for years. Germany, and many Germans have been accused of holocaust and war denial, which in Europe is a criminal offense.

    As we approach the first decade of the new millennium it has to be understood that WW 1 veterans are departing almost daily, and those that lived through the depression and WW2 are declining quickly.

    Now, was Hitler the Antichrist or just one of a string of racists with the means to execute his ideals, that can be left to the people to decide.

    Was Germany solely responsible for two World Wars? That is something I would debate. Were they a transgressor, most definitely. But %100 responsible, maybe not so much.

    But anyway, I think that guy is just particularity grubby. His clothes look positively dirty. But what I can't believe is how close to the water he is with the hatch being open! That seems like a bit of a hazard

  10. "Long Shadows: Truth, Lies and History" by Erna Paris, is a book I just finished reading. It awakened in me a sad empathy for every nation and culture which was caught up in that war. To bring up anyone's need for shame in regard to the history of the conflict, is a terrible affront.
    The book is a very well told research project, full of stories of real people in today's world. Paris explores how cultures remember and deal with atrocity and calamity in their history, both by the survivors of them and the generations after.
    It was a compelling book.

    It's hard to tell what ethnic group this fellow belongs to.

  11. Germany (or, if you prefer, the Nazis and all who followed them even without coercion) was utterly responsible for the Second World War. The share of responsibility for the First World war is also immense, but that one is a little more complicated. All major powers seem to have wanted the war. What remains is that the Kaiser's army invaded neutral Belgium for attacking France from the North so as to have a quick victory there and defeat the slower-moving Russian troops afterwards, and that the German industry lobbyists developed a huge interest in annexations for coal and iron ore mines, colonies... So only two German political parties, the Social Democrats and the Christian Zentrum, wanted a quick peace without annexations or reparations. They were the majority, but the parliament did not inaugurate the administration (chancellor and ministers) before 1918. So the responsibility for prolonging the war is with the Kaiser, the Government and the industry, also for introducing chemical warfare, flame throwers and public hangings of civilians in the East.

  12. Oh my gosh, to have to get into that can through a hole like that. Horrific.