Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tea Party

This picture was taken in 1908, and shows two girls having a tea party. I wonder if young girls still have tea parties. My daughter is 18, so my experience is a little out of date, but I can remember some pretty elaborate tea parties she had. They involved everyone, including the dog, getting dressed up. They were elegant affairs, and showed the creativity and imagination of a young mind.


  1. What a beautiful photo, and a poignant memory of a gracious and bygone era.

    I love the clothes.

    My daughter is 18, too, and she used to have tea parties with her stuffed animals.

    We live in Rhode Island, and today we are on our way to Newport to tour some of the the mansions from the gilded age, such as the Breakers and Rosecliff, where they filmed "The Great Gatsby." Also, there's Hammersmith Farm, where John and Jackie Kennedy had their wedding reception.

    We belong to the Newport Preservation Society and visit the mansions several times a year. It's always fun and only 20 minutes away.

    Wow, those were the days - the gilded age - no income tax!

    It's our daugher's favorite place to visit.

  2. We had only sons. No tea parties.

    I shall check with various parents to learn if our granddaughters ever have [or have had] tea parties.

  3. My bosses have young girls ... they had a portrait series done with a tes party theme, so at the very least the memory of tea parties is still alive.

    Wonderful photo!

  4. Make that "tea" party. oops. :)

  5. Hm. I'm female and almost ten years older than your daugher and never had tea parties...for what it's worth.

  6. Both my daughters had tea parties while growing up.
    8 years ago, when my youngest was 5years old, she was invited to an elaborate tea party where the girls all dressed up. When they arrived they were given the choice of a variety of fancy hats to wear and other fun accessories. The mother and grandmother had arranged ornately decorated child sized tables outside on the patio. Among other things, they served delicious little sandwiches which had been cut into various shapes with cookie cutters. I was surprised to see all the work they put into a tea party, but the grandmother was from the south and wanted to bring a little fun and culture to her granddaughter in Indiana.

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  8. I remembered another tea party my daughter had with her teddy bear so I posted the picture on my blog if you are interested:

    The picture is near the bottom and on the right side. I took her and her teddy bear to a nearby park where she served Mr. Teddy cookies and "tea" which was really juice.

    I think tea parties may be a dying tradition but in my day, and when my children were little, they were still common.

  9. beautiful!
    I never had tea party, nowadays girls usually watch Hannah Montana and chat all day long...

    Aww, those good old times!
    Anyway, that doll is creepy

  10. I had tea parties with my "fancy" grandmother growing up. I remember using good china, wearing fake jewels and sipping tea with her. Great memories! I am the mom of 3 small boys, so won't be doing tea parties of my own any time soon ......
    Wonderful picture!

  11. I grew up in Wyoming, and don't ever remember having a "tea party". I do have some old dishes that I had a child, but I think I was too busy to hve a tea party. My grandaughter just got a plastic tea set, and all she does is stack them up!

  12. I was born 40 years ago in California and we definitely had tea parties. My sister and I still have tea parties, in fact have one set up for Saturday with another friend. :-)


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