Friday, January 23, 2009

Nashville, Tennessee

This picture was taken in 1864, during the Civil War. It shows a fortified bridge of over the Cumberland river near Nashville, Tennessee. I have always found Tennessee the most difficult state to spell correctly. It took me a while to get the nerve to post this picture, as I knew it would require me to spell Tennessee correctly. Anyway, this is a great picture, and I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Wood fortifications against 55 calibre minnie ball? Ouch.

    Insert Tennessee joke here.


  2. great pik,the photographer knew what he was doin.

  3. Since I am never up in time for the the Saturday Quiz, I will guess the answer tonight in order to try and get the jump on the outstanding participants. I guess the person will be Ava Gabor. How did I do PJM?

  4. Great photo!!!

    It looks like a railroad bridge. Is that a train in the background on the other side?

    We have a town named Cumberland here in Rhode Island.

  5. Al,
    You are pretty funny. Unfortunatley, your guess is not correct. The contest is a hard one today, so hopefully you will get a shot at it.