Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mystery Person

I am always amazed at how you all figure out the mystery person. This week is going to be a hard one. You know the rules. OK, I guess there are no rules. First person to correctly identify the person pictured above wins.


  1. He looks like Tony Curtis but dates would be wrong. Tony Curtis' father. *S*

  2. shoot... I shouldn't have wasted my time talking about Tony Curtis. *L*

  3. Jeff,
    You are too good. How did you figure it out?

    Yes, it is Johnyy Weismuller, a famous swimmer of the early 1900's, but really remembered as the actor who made famous:

    Tarzan of the Jungle!

  4. Looks like simultaneous winners. Looks like Sheila came up with the right answer, Johnyy Weissmuller at about the same time.

    You guys are getting this too quickly. I am going to have to make it harder.

  5. I thought Johnny
    Weissmuller, but
    have my doubts.

  6. Wow, he was pretty cute, wasn't he?

    And . . .I bet he got those muscles WITHOUT steriods.


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