Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mystery Individual

Today is Saturday, so I can not tell you who is in the picture, you have to guess. That's right, its Mystery Person day. This one is pretty hard, but not impossible. I can not give any clues today. Have Fun!


  1. Wow, that was fast. You are correct, it is Enrico Caruso.

    I was thinking people would guess Al Capone.

    Great Job. Contests ends quickly. The other guys did not even have a chance!

  2. I'm amazed I got it right. I just thought it looked like they were going to the opera and searched 1900s opera. Up came a picture of Enrico Caruso. You could delete this one and put another one up... :-)

  3. I was going to guess Caruso
    but Heather was too fast.
    Have been without a computer
    for nine days, so lots to
    catch up on.
    Well done Heather.

  4. Sad state of affairs when the thing I'm most excited about on Saturdays is the "Mystery Person", LOL!

  5. I guessed an actor of some sort due to the expressiveness.

  6. I didn't recognize him. This was after he had gained a lot of weight. Yeah, I would have guessed some New York union boss or someone like that.

    Heather and I both need to get a life!


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