Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This picture was taken in 1908 and shows a group of cowboys in camp, with their horses. This is a great image, and shows a dying way of life.


  1. Yes, its true. Right along with the American Indians.

  2. I saw a series on cable called "the real Wild West" or some approximation. It claimed that ~25% of cowboys were african-american. This would make sense given the rise of the West was post-bellum and the job in reality appeared to supply the meagerest of resources. Yet I have not seen them in pictures. Is this related to the timing of Western photography and the better opportunities in the industrial North by then?

  3. I've seen occasional pictures and some references to black cowboys. It seems that many of the late 1800’s cowboys were former slaves, and former Confederate soldiers that fled the south after the war. That must have been a source of friction… or maybe the beginning of understanding and acceptance?

    The movie/TV image of the cowboys was short lived, less than 20 years, as the railroads expanded to eliminate the cattle drives.
    The cowboys continue to this day, but they did, however, change with the times, and it takes a lot less of them using pickups, helicopters, and ATVs, to make them doggies get along.

  4. I have heard that ranching for profit is dead; even in the area you live in,PJM.

  5. I grew up in a large German family. Our ancestors came with Columbous or so Im told. Funny thing is we did not have much money. My parents parents both had about 12 brothers and sisters and so did my mom and dad. I have over 85 first cousins and we would all gather like this and play. WE did not know we did not have money. Its amazing how much the world has changed even since I have grown up.

    The Black Widow